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  • alangeorge01 alangeorge01 Jul 8, 2005 3:45 PM Flag

    This Board

    I find it outrageous that some members of this board are actually anti war on Iraq. my only problem is that Bush should have nuked the lot of them.
    Instead he has to pander to the needs of pinko liberals who would appease guys like Saddam and all those other scumbags who perpetrated 9/11 and yesterday's bombs in london.
    My sistyer was at her wits end yesterday in London collecting children from school, worried sick.
    And all because of those scumbags who were not nuked.
    Go on, praise France and those faggots who would have you believe everything American is wrong.

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    • I guess I see things less complex than that. KGB and Russia was sick to the core. USA is the greatest economic power of all time. It will not collapse just because we give the good guys ( and by the good guys I mean the executive branch of security forces) a little leeway in dealing with a nasty problem.
      What bemuses me is that successive administrations have removed power from CIA and then expect them to do a job with one hand tied behind the back.
      I do not believe the CIA has an agenda except the freedom and protection of the American sic Western way of life. And i am all on for that.

    • alangeorge01, this was a great post! it woke me up!

      so, how do you explain almighty KGB being able to control the music you listen and almost the hairstyle you have, but not being able to perform their primary duty - protecting the country, which simply seized to exist?

      very simple! these guys had a lot of power to abuse and very little accountability to the society. lack of check and balance.

      This road leads to power abuse/corruption -> revolutions/civil war -> anarchy/poverty -> tyranny.

      don't believe me? it's impossible? 20 years ago in russia nobody believed anything like this could ever be possible...

    • Yes, in most cases you are correct. I know plenty of people with far fewer initials after their names who are far smarter then I.

      Yet, when debating with certain people I have found it is often effective to trot the degrees out.

      You know what they really stand for-
      BS,MS, PhD- Bullshit, More Shit, and Piled Higher and Deeper.

    • Responding to:
      "I also think I'm relatively safe in assuming that my professional credentials in history- BA, MA, MPhil- out weigh most people out there. So I have a clue as to what I'm talking about."

      Few absolutes in life, but one is this - learning absolutely does not equate to wisdom. This is especially true with those who believe they must trot out their degrees to impress.

    • My problem with Draconian legistlation is that the people in power use their power to push their own agenda (witness the Taliban). I think most American TV networks are afraid to take a stong stand on the news because they know that subsequently if they let a nipple slip they will lose licences

    • Troy,
      You will get none of that backbiting arrogance of the French if you come to Ireland. We are very pro American and why shouldn't we be?
      So many of our cousins, brothers, sisters live in New York, Chicago, Boston San Fran etc.
      And in general we support Democrats and not republicans.
      But in this case where these psychopaths are trying to destroy an entire way of life, I reckon that executive power should be given to CIA and any other branches of government, to do whatever is necessary to get those is that simple.
      I know these views are considered unfashionable nowadays but a few more bombs in the subway systems of New York and London and the mood will swing.
      Already, Blair will get much more draconian legislation through parliament this year.. and I for one am very happy about it.
      I have nothing to fear from an increase in police powers. Law abiding citizens should welcome these laws.
      I find it astonishing that these views which are certainly shared by most of my friends are considered extremist among Americans, whom I believe should know better.

    • 60 years ago anyone suggesting Blacks should be allowed to play baseball would be labeled un-American. Under the alien and seditions Act any American that criticized the President was thrown in jail. When I was young the thought that one might change the First Ammendment was considered anti-American (I still think so) Could we be possible be a bit open to new ideas? Whether the French bathe or not has little to do as to whether their concept of reducing use of Arab oil is a good idea or not is unclear to me. In the mean time, I'm pleased as punch with DT. I think they found their bottom (I bought more at just under $18-this after selling some at about $20-finally I'm getting the buy low sell high routine down-but the dividend did decrease my take a bit)

    • Well, I am SO Surprised to hear that you're Irish and live in the UK. I never in a million years would have suspected that. I'm so embarassed. LOL.......
      As for not blaming anyone for being patriotic, tell that to the members of Al Qaeda and Osama. They're real patriots.
      You're just exactly what governments want......a totally blank slate, ready to be written on by the official party line. Maybe it's time to start thinking for yourself and do some critical evaluation of the world around you. I may hurt a bit at first, but you'll get used to it.

    • Dear Sir,
      Thank you for your message. I believe DT is a very good company which has made fabulous efforts at reducing a net debt of circa 60BN euros.
      It is now at a major crossroads and I think the US operations will be sold, as they require substantial investment which is also needed in central Europe.
      I believe this sale will be good for shareholders if the share price goes up and bad for shareholders if share price goes down.

      PS... I will not talk about the French any more if you don't.

    • Ok, you've reached the point of truly not making any sense at all, therefore I'm stopping after this.

      Some final thoughts:

      The NY Daily News (and the NY Post for that matter)- not even worth using as kitty box liner.

      The French- I make no apologies for them. Yes, they are often arrogant and egotistical. That's their problem. They have a long history that for some reason, they are proud of, although to be honest, there isn't too much to be proud of. Despite that, they are entitled to their opinion. It's that last part you just don't seem to understand. I never said I agreed with the French, nor did I praise anything they've done.

      PhD and patriotism- one has nothing to do with another. Again, you twist words. I mentioned my degrees (an MPhil, not a PhD) as my basis for citing historical fact not for rating patriotism.

      That's all from me. Keep shouting into the wind, keep that hatred up... better yet- you're in the UK (a nation I do admire)- go down to the local pub and cough up a couple quid for a pint. Maybe it'll relax you.

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