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  • cbxzack cbxzack Apr 24, 2008 11:58 PM Flag

    Does ANYONE have anything useful to say?

    Other than lynzie does anyone else have anything useful to say about this company? This board has become useless with no posters except for spammers and spiteful douchebags. Back in the day (pre DT and pre VSTR) this was a fun stock to follow. Now I think everyone is holding out for a day that may not come. It's a German utility with questionable upside potential. Any gains made in the US seem to be dragged down by the dinosaur network in the Fatherland. I hold out every year for the dividend payout then wonder why I don't sell this dog afterwords. Why do European companies buy stakes here in the US? They have zero sense of innovation and kill what the startup was trying to do.

    Thanks lynzie for your posts....I think you may be the only one that's really paying attention or at least trying to.... wonder if we'll see 20 again anytime soon.

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    • Thanks cbxzack for your nice words.
      You're right about this board...use
      to be fun with some helpful messages but now it's just spam. I have great
      faith in DT and it's been very good
      to me. I spent 125K in 1991 and look
      what's happened. A special section in
      the WSJ a few weeks dedicated to telecom...the future holds alot of
      surprises.'ll be able to check the interior of your house from your phone...that's just one thing I'd never heard before. I'm not even
      in the trade..just following my instincts and keeping fingers crossed.

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