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  • lynzie8 lynzie8 Apr 3, 2009 5:49 PM Flag

    DT and Skype

    Do I need to worry about Skype and DT??
    I've never used it but between the
    cable industry and these it time to sell??? Anyone??

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    • I'm not going to tell anyone how to use their money, and you would have to be bonkers to listen to what someone tells you what to do with investments on a message board. 95% of the people on here are just pissed off former customers that have oustanding balances with T-Mobile because they don't know how to check how many minutes they have used on their phone.

      First off, how many people do you know use Skype instead of a cell phone?
      Second off, how many people do you know are considering using Skype as a cell phone?
      Third off, do more research on Skype if you think they can make a hit on the cell phone industry in the future, than base your decision on your own research.

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      • One other thing...Skype for the foreseeable future in my eyes is going to be mostly complimentary in the mobile phone industry. The G1 was one of or the first phones that used the service. Skype will not work as a mobile phone without broadband. DT has broadband and is expanding their service. Web2go usb card is out and running and is one of the best performing broadband cards on the market. T-Mobile is expanding 3g roll out.

    • Every time is a good time to sell stock in this crappy company.

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