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  • princetontiger88 princetontiger88 May 20, 2010 10:59 AM Flag

    Thoughts from a T-Mobile USA Customer

    I would like to write some thoughts about their service.

    I have traveled around the world and been to many US cities. Let me also tell you that I have used T-Mobile since May 2006.

    The service quality in Florida is not the best sometimes, but it works. I have seen an increase in quality, and around 2008, the service became quite fantastic.

    I have been to Alaska, and the service uses AT&T, but it still works great. SunCom is the service provider in the Carolinas. Works great, as well.

    In Greece and Dubai, however, I didn't pick up any reception when I turned the phone on for a few minutes. Not a problem.

    I'm likely to get another phone, but it will probably be from Verizon to try them out. I think it's important to constantly try the other services, because it eventually reflects into the earnings and (eventually) stock price.

    I like T-Mobile since the plans are cheap and customer service is helpful.

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    • I don't understand what is taking Isreal so long. You'ed think the would have wiped that palestinian trash from the face of the planet by now. Sounds like Isreal needs to step up their game, this is taking far too long.

    • If you travel outside the US extensively, Verizon is NOT the way to go! Stick with a primarily GSM provider - either ATT or T-Mobile. I'd STILL suggest T-Mobile due to its ubiquity (DT's one of the largest carriers in all Eurasia!)

    • T-Mobile has a long history of defrauding customers out of their promised rebates with cellphone plans. Without giving you all the specifics....because it would take too long...T-Mobile did not send cash rebates due me on a cellphone plan I bought from them. The company, owned by Deutsche Telekom, a German company,is rotten to the core. Never do business with them! Just do a Google or Yahoo search for "T-Mobile rebate scams" and you will get a good idea about the company's criminal behavior! They're crooks, plain and simple! I wrote to the AG's office in Washington State re my complaint but got a reply back saying they didn't have the time and resources to investigate the company. The AG's office in New York State successfully sued T-Mobile for millions of dollars for their fraudulent business practices. That is a fact!!

    • Glad to see you had great service over the years. But did you know that verizon is on what's on a platform known as CDMA? T-mobile is on a GSM network that's why you were able to travel overseas and use your phone. Most of the world is a GSM world for only a couple of countries are cdma. Last time i checked I think North Korea was one of them. If I can recommend anything you can try Verizon ask them what there buyer remorse period is also look out at Verizon's cancellation fee its expensive. I think its almost $450 dollars to cancel. If you choose to try out Verizon get a temporary number don't port your number yet the reason once you port your number your T-mobile account will cancel out. Just some advice for you.

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