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  • I heard that too.... nothing real specific, but
    actually, someone told me that this was one of the most
    overvalued stocks traded today, and that its due for a HUGE
    tumble... Im shorting tomorrow morning baybeeee!!!!!

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    • IPO released Friday PHCM (formerly
      Unwired Planet)

      closed near it's high for the day
      and, it lets you surf without strings. By deploying
      the company's software, network operators let
      wireless phone subscribers access the Internet and
      corporate intranets to use e-mail and obtain information on
      stocks, sports scores, and the weather.'s UP
      brand software is used by providers of telecom services
      worldwide, including AT&T (22% of sales), Bell Atlantic,
      Deutsche Telekom, GTE, France Telecom, and Telstra.
      Customers licensing its technology include equipment makers
      Matsushita (18% of sales), Alcatel, Motorola, Samsung, and
      Siemens. Nearly 75% of the company's sales are from
      maintenance and support services; customers outside North
      America account for about 45% of sales.

      And to
      top it off, I just watched a TV ad for Motorola,
      where a man is in a food factory with other large
      investors and potential new investors of the company. All
      of a sudden he sees a giant rat eating some of the
      food on the display table and thinks to himself that
      this is not good, when everyone else see this -
      He gets out his cellular phone and it has a
      2x2 screen on it and connects to the Internet, he
      goes to his on line broker and puts a sell order on
      his shares. LOL
      True ad.
      This will not be the
      only avenue for wireless connection, the potential is

      Man, how many times have I been on the
      road and need to connect to the internet, too many.

      See you at 100+


    • >> check out the following site if you want
      to do research on
      the German telecoms market &
      DT in particular.<<

      vielen Dank f�r die
      links -- sehen SEHR interessant aus.

      Bin gerade
      aufm Sprung, werde die sp�ter genauer anschauen.

    • No, I wasn't offended at all by your comments,
      liked them
      very much.

      Since I assume that you
      have a sufficient command of German,
      check out the
      following site if you want to do research on
      the German
      telecoms market & DT in particular. It's the
      comprehensive and best archive on DT I

      And in fact, those that still use DT for their
      national & international long-distance calls are idiots,
      same goes for those that use their T-Online Internet

      Btw, as DT was IPOed in November 1996
      capital gains were a sure thing, since it was widely
      known a substantial number of shares
      would be
      allotted to private investors and thus funds had to
      after the IPO. But this time its a different ball
      because funds already have significant exposure to the

    • Thanks for your additional info.

      I note
      you are in Germany -- I hope you weren't offended by
      some of my comments... (I'm a US citizen who's lived
      in DE for 15 years.)

      I always wonder what DT
      -- before they were semi-privatized -- did with ALL
      that money they earned. For most of the 15 years I've
      been here, for calls to the US I had to pay 4 to 6
      times what the other direction cost (depending on
      momentary exchange rate, time of day, etc.)

      best rates at the moment are using the "Vorwahl"
      01051. 9 Pf ALL day & night anywhere in Germany, and 16
      Pf ALL day & night to the US. The latter represents,
      I believe, well over a 75% reduction from DT
      rates!! You'd have to be an idiot (or a DT shareholder,
      if there's a difference) to use DT ANYTIME for
      calling, except, as you indicate, for the last mile. Ii
      make a habit of sending all my friends and colleagues
      group emails to inform them of the best rates. NO
      AVOIDABLE REVENUES FOR DT! Kein vermeidbare Pfennig an
      Deutsche Telekom!!

      Take care,


    • Great post! Sommer is a wimp indeed, he has no
      convincing vision
      regarding the future of
      telecommunications (Internet+data!) at all.

      It's ridiculous,
      Sommer boasts that users of T-Online on average
      the Internet for a total of 290 minutes per month
      notwithstanding he puts the valuation of T-Online at around 30

      [The reason for such low use, btw, are metered local
      phone tariffs.]

      DT's only strength is that it
      owns the last mile (both the phone &
      cable network,
      although it will be forced by the EU to at least
      divest the latter sooner or later).

      Since the
      German market has been opened up in January 1998,
      has already lost approximately half of its
      long-distance market share,
      possibly even more in the

      And it has to fear mass defections when competition
      in the local
      phone market will take off. Its
      image among Internet users
      couldn't be worse.
      Fixed-line competitors can hardly bypass DT's last
      but the German telecoms act (TKG) at least grants
      the right to rent the 'naked copper wire' on the last
      mile for
      a fixed monthly fee, 25.40 DEM/month + VAT
      to be precise ...

      Would never short the stock
      though, as long as it's being
      backed by the majority
      shareholder (German state).

      Simply leave DT alone,
      there are much better telecoms opportunities

    • "2nd IPO" is a contradiction in terms.

      Get it straight!

      (One sees what sorta people invest in DT in posts like these -- GOOD LUCK, you'll need it!!!)

    • which has a working relationship with DT via the
      videophone division, and now with the recent acquisition of
      Odisei, a French startup back end software developer,
      EGHT can offer the total VoIP solution. Working with
      CSCO and LU...

    • after the 2nd IPO they swim deeper in money than old unlce dagobert !

    • It is looking to diversify its IP

      After buying portion at VOCL (An Israeli IP leader), it
      is looking for an end to end working
      system. - (FCM) is positioned to do the job. Traded for
      $2.25 a share - could be bought for $8-10 a share

      Any comment?

    • Anyone think DT will make a move to acquire Qwest before Bell South gets it and its too late? DT has the resources to out bid Bell South and Qwest would be their link to the US markets.

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