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  • fixedforlife fixedforlife Aug 18, 2001 9:54 PM Flag

    VoiceStream is about to ruin us!!!

    VoiceStream is just about to install new cell towers only 200 feet from my childrens bedroom. Can some help?

    I have set up a community website to fight VoiceStream.

    Any iteas, links to sites about health hazards, anything!!

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    • "You VILL experienz bad servitz and you VILL like it Mitout complaintz!"

      LOL! Ain't it the truth. That attitude also characterizes German DT stockholders' approach: they seem to take masochistic delight in seeing their life savings go *D*own the *T*ube. Buy high, and never sell!

    • wow - customer service with that special Deutsche touch -

      "You VILL experienz bad servitz and you VILL like it Mitout complaintz!"

      you should thank gotter im himmel that mario protects your socialist club from real competition. Ready for september 1? Did any of you teutonic geniuses research american history before paying BILLIONZ UNT BILLIONZ for VSTR? There was once a wise man named pt barnum who had some opinions on business and human nature...

    • I think this idea of a dividend is totally new with DT. I can't find any references to a dividend prior to this year. The dividend we got as VSTR shareholders was based on a prorated period starting from the time of the buyout until May 30 or 31st of this year. Next year, we'll be eligible for the full years dividend.....assuming that there is one.

    • I did not see anything else. I just have little experience with dividends. The investments that I have that pay typically do so on a quarterly basis. Of course, these are probably all preferreds, so they work a bit differently. I just assumed that a payout at the end of May would result in a payout 3 months later. I also noted that our 0.75% adjustment in VSTR shares sounded a lot like one fourth of the described yearly dividend for DT.

    • The only dividend I've found was the one we received in June of this year. Where did you see anything about a dividend at the end of this month?

    • I thought getting ticked off at whiners was my job. If you're taking over, maybe I can go on vacation for a while and let you do it. Thanks, I need the rest.

    • I'll have to check around. I thought they paid it at the end of the fiscal year, but I may be wrong. Last dividend, I believe, reflected a whole years dividend. It wasn't much, but I'm wondering if the cash-strapped DT is going to do it this year. It seems kind of counter-productive to me. (in any case, I'll put it to good use)

    • Did you ever think of having landscapers plant some big pine trees between the towers and the children's bedroom?

    • As opposed to when your children use a cell phone having the phone 2 inches from their cerebrums?

      I bet you think that will cause brain cancer too, just like microwaves in the 50's, huh?

      If you're concerned about the cell towers being unsightly and hurting your house's value, well then, I won't argue with that, but if you really believe that cell towers are going to give your kids health problems, then I think you need to do a little more research.

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      • My children and I do not use cell phones. Why should we possible suffer!!

        Please post some links to prove you theory over a period of time cell towers do no harm. Five to ten years is not enough to determine if cell tower emmissions do not cause health problems. Remember the cell towers of ten years ago have totally differ technology and EMF transmissions from today's high powered cell towers.

        DT is a German company. It's ironic a German company could be causing health problems for my children on American land.

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