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  • iamgarce iamgarce Oct 4, 2012 11:28 AM Flag

    remove emotion and

    replace with rational thought ...

    how many posts have i read here , either with a question as to "why has the pps fallen from 4.90 " to
    every reason why the price will zoom up because of some scenario ..

    remember , the recent dandy run from 2.8x to 4.9x was "news" driven from the merger with Power Fuels ...
    no doubt a good move , but until gas/oil drilling picks up , this won't be a big driver , also , to pay
    for this move , there will be dilution and maybe a reverse split ....

    NOW , while i take every analyst with a grain of salt , their premises are often valid ... hence , a work
    from Alpha

    their argument certainly makes sense here , and is probably why there isn't more inst buying , funds
    tend to be cautious , there are many other small caps out there (in various sectors) that are getting
    inst buys ..

    again , put your emotions in a box when making decisions . HEK is certainly in a terrific business ,
    recent acquisitions have been targeted at building secular revenue to compliment parts of the
    business directly linked to drilling ... great strategy , but any fund or inst. interested is going to
    wait for the dust to settle after the dilution and possible RS .... and large moves up until then will
    be technical , or manipulative and not really valid ..
    HEK remains at least a high risk investment , if not speculative ... it does not merit a high % of
    anyone's portfolio , but sure is captivating ...

    YET another point to ponder , both here and for any other small , potential growers ...
    IF , you believe , as i do , that eventually , HEK will be a 30 dollar stock(or more) , then you
    can buy at 10 and still have a 3 bagger .... at 10 , HEK will have proven that they can do the
    do ..... swinging for the fences has resulted in many strikeouts and long fly ball outs than
    actual scoring .... garce ....

    ps .. i just put in my first order (limit , a little lower than the price at this moment) ... i'm going to save
    some powder for after the RS (seen too many of these and most times , the stock price goes
    down signifigantly after the rs hype dissapates) ...