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  • zarcontheprimitive zarcontheprimitive Oct 19, 2012 1:59 PM Flag

    Who are these people who keep dumpimg

    "Who are these people who keep dumpimg"

    They are the "SMART MONEY".....Most on this board including my good friend Gary is NOT among them.

    Our old pal "ONE' was part of the "smart money crowd".
    No better trader (especially short) since Jessie Livermore in his "hay day"!!!!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • hi Zar One is a good short trader in hek he had there #, but better than my man jessie humm
      (have not heard from one hope he is not to much like Jesse)
      Its easy to short hek going into exp fri for ages now just look at the strike and add the ask /bid and that is where it will close worked for months same with arna and 5 others its been like going to the bank
      and hek will drop comes nov. but after that?
      still long HEK and in the $
      GL zar whats ur thought on GOOG?

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      • GOOG?........Would not buy and would be a "seller" on any rebounds near/above 725 (wish I had shorted AAPL was watching but didn't commit). This is a longer term view....not a "trading view" and risk/reward of long position is now very unfavorable.

        IMO this downturn in the TECHS is a partial confirmation of the long term SPX "topping out process" which takes MONTHS....but eventually will lead to a "BOND BUBBLE CRASH" sometime in 2013. And that will be the "heart" of another SPX CYCLICAL BEAR MARKET.

        Even under these conditions I would still favor GOLD/SILVER bullion, PM MINERS, and selected "resource stocks". Possibly into spring 2013.


    • Hello ZAR and gary,

      How was your Hawaii trip Zar?

      Gary, any fishing trips, or planned?

      I'm 100% cash right now, just waiting for the election. Wow, I think Obama might get another term, Oh boy....We are in a huge mess!!!

      I'm just sitting on the sidelines and waiting for some direction. I do see a major correction happening after the election.

      Take care guys and don't fall in love with a stock..........Momentum trading is the only way, later!!!

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      • "How was your Hawaii trip Zar"?

        Hi One!

        Long story short....multi fractured my thumb (sporting accident) 3d day on Maui and couldn't play golf. Had surgery after returning home and still wrapped up with a large pin extending down through the thumb holding the bones in place.

        BTW....Tried to post to you about 6 times before leaving to get "contact info" but Yahoo would not let me post. Finally gave up.

        Re: thoughts are above and what I find still bullish. SPX will will eventually enter another "cyclical bear".

        Personally don't believe election regardless who wins will be "primary market driver" except in short term. Three years of "global economic turmoil" and present administrations policies and still you see SPX recently still near 42 MONTH HIGHS. If/when markets correct....major driver won't be because of election.
        Reagan gave birth to the greatest SECULAR BULL MARKET in history (August 82 to 2000).
        Regan was elected in 80....Markets didn't bottom till August 82!!!!

        Good to talk to you One!!!!

      • ONE,
        Not sure if the elections will drive the market regardless of who wins, but the fiscal cliff and a down grade of the US will. I am 70% cash and have been swing trading the dxd spxu twm for a few days closed it out Fri. No guts
        It’s been good but I do not like to hold these etf more than 24-36 hrs the re-bal thing

        AS for IBM if it gets down to the $183 I would buy and add 25% on every 10% decline
        Truly the best company I ever owned incl AAPL I have held IBM since 1990 when it was $30

        As for fishing went for giant tuna this fri-sun nothing to show except black and blue from my hips down - I will try again next week
        A guy in the marina snagged a 900 lbs tuna last week
        All I got was beating and a huge fuel bill from the marina and a jammed 12-0 electric reel – ouch
        Still a good weekend bad day of fishing better than… Good to hear from u and I agree it might be a brutal 4th ¼ despite the fact that the 4th ¼ is usually good for stocks esp. tech. and retail.
        good to hear from u
        GLTA L&S

        Sentiment: Hold