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  • gscgaryc gscgaryc Nov 14, 2012 4:09 PM Flag

    just wanted to say I was wrong about Obama

    I had previously posted that after the election the president would move to the middle after today I realize I could not be more wrong.
    Thought he would give a little on economics the debt and NG
    well the man has spoken and so has the market I AM 100% WRONG
    just be careful as he has takin the hard line
    The Israeli waited for the election and wasted no time getting on with business next stop is Iran
    So if u are buying looks like guns soup slv gld and dry goods and maybe refining
    Don't panic but sell the rips and wait for your spots to get back in but next year will be a challenge GLTA
    PS hope I am wrong again!

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    • you are being overly polite simeon.........lets not forget about Michele Bachmann................ohhhhh the shame and embarrassment that is the GOP party..........."The Simpleton Party"

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      • Would never forget Michelle, tdam. Check my list out above in post beginning "yup. . . . . . ." Bachmann is the very first name on my list of GOP crazies. You know, the guys who all raised their hands in their primary when asked if they would refuse to accept $1 of revs for $10 of spending cuts. The guys who are really, really serious (and this time they really mean it!) about reducing the deficit. LMFAO!! Have no doubt. According to the polls the country will blame the GOP if we go over the cliff. The extension of middle class tax cuts is out there for them to sign today if they were serious about wanting to help the economy. But they will sabotage the entire US economy of this great country to protect tax cuts for Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Bros. Their greed, embroidered generously with studpidy, zealotry, and xenophobia, is unbounded.

        Sentiment: Buy

      • Oh lets not forget the pride and joy of the Democrat Party, Nancy Pelosi, who shoved the affordable care act down our throats... such a disgrace to this country!

    • I suspect you are forgetting-or never knew- that a full 1/3 of the stimulus was a tax cut, thus not a federal budget expenditure. So if we are spending more then we take in, it's really very simple...........end the "temporary" tax cut now and you will change that!!!!

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      • First yes I know I agree end the tax cuts for ALL but they need to do more much more if u tax every Penney earned at 75 % we are not even close make the real choice and cut spending. Not popular but a must no guts no legacy Its not as hard as they want u to believe. 2 less wars what will they do with that $, sending bill of $ to countries that hate us, spending to police the world
        Do we still need men in Japan Germany and on and on cut me a break
        We can solve are problems if we back NG and energy independence bills per day
        GLTA be careful not 46 days to cliff as the politicians only work about 14 can u say cliff.

    • But I am sure you voted against the rich white people didn't you. You liberals are pathetic. He doesn't need you anymore. We will all pay in more ways then one. This country is toast. But that is all okay with you all. You want a different want to spread the wealth. Now that this may not go your way and you won't be making any money here in the near future you have something to say. You hold on to that and Semi and watch it dwindle under the command of your president that you have been cheering for. Never compromise your beliefs and what you stand for. You have wavered.

    • everyone is so disgruntled over a "temporary" tax cut that has long exceeded it's expiration date and should have expired a long time ago............get over it and stop ur winning already - chhhhhhzeez!!!

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      • Td not crying just a suggestion take profits now and avoid higher taxes I voted with a write in (grip) tried sending a msg.
        U can't fix the problems with higher taxes if u tax 100% all these crum#$%$ need to make hard spending cut period.
        They are to closed minded or fearful to realize u cant spend 300bil a day
        Time for American s to wakeup EU style capitalism does not work.
        God look at the Europeans their system doesn't work unless one likes rioting & 75% tax like france.
        The world has a spending problems not tax.

        As for me I am going to retire in so american peru most likely when I sell my 3 businesses. The dem and rep are both to closed minded they remind me of 3 yr olds at best. Obama can go down as a great man but he won't as he thinks he is always right well we only need to look at benzgasi
        Next Iran and go from there

        The cover for Obama from the media doesn't help ie. fema no talk pre election
        Well they dropped the ball big time our own Katrina in nj
        I have been giving ice water away till last fri thousands of cases along the coast of nj where were they from ortly to the highlands I saw 3 offices open last week but thats it no boots on the ground they say they had not pre position supplies #$%$ does that matter just get a truck and driver I did
        Like I said I am out if here when I can
        Beginning to regret fighting for the US
        How has this happen? Just so sick and tired of lies and #$%$

    • Investors are unloading their long term investments up till Dec. 31st because Obama plans to raise the long term capital gains tax to over 30%. So as an investor, why would you want to give up 15% of your investment gain next year when you can come out on top this year?


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