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  • trnobile trnobile Nov 16, 2012 11:14 AM Flag

    Let's Get the Circus Started

    "Clown", "Losers", and "Stupid", these are the high-minded rhetorical tools of the enlightened left. This is the type of demagoguery they use to further their well-intended but terribly misguided political movement, e.g., economic justice. It would nice if they could just read history to see how such political movements have been disasters. There are of course recent examples of countries with political movements seeking economic justice, e.g., most of Eastern Europe circa 1955-1992 and any Latin America country at different times. Alas, they must learn all these lessons firsthand. So let's get this circus started so that we can all learn the lessons from which (most of) the current generations of Americans have been spared .

    First, we will get to see how raising taxes lowers unemployment. It's never happened before, but there's always a first time. Next, we will all get to see firsthand how increasing the cost for energy (which always raises food prices) improves the standard of living for America's poor. Again, never happened, but this time our hearts are in the right place. Finally, on the monetary and fiscal front, let's all watch to see how long the world will continue to use the dollar as its reserve currency as our ability to repay our debt becomes more suspect. Governments lose credibility, but fortunately America has never experienced such loss, though we might soon. We know that the world continued to use the dollar as the reserve currency from 2008 to 2012 when our debt went from $10 Trillion to $16 Trillion. But what happens if this trend continues and our debt goes from $16 trillion to $22 Trillion. At some point our credibility as a borrower will be lost because investors (private and foreign governments) will see that we can't possibly repay our debt. Foreign governments will then finally agree to an alternative reserve currency. At that time, the dollar bubble will deflate and the real problems begin, e.g., Argentina 1999. Then our concerns will more serious than whether HEK met its quarterly estimates. Hopefully, the federal government will not be too focused on whether Georgetown University (a Catholic institution) needs to provide grad students like Sandra Fluke birth control to act then.

    We are now seeing what happens when the people that vote for a living overwhelm those that work for a living. Our electoral system worked on November 6th. The majority spoke. I'm pretty sure our founding fathers didn't foresee or intend a federal government would become so gargantuan that it would be mandating private parties and churches to provide insurance everyone, that's moot now.

    In the meantime, increased environmental and energy regulations will be good for HEK, but bad for the poor. (Again, driving up energy and food costs). Assuming HEK can execute, long HEK.

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    • Uh, the word "stupid" referring to the GOP was used by Joe Scarborough and Bobby Jindal. 2 staunch yet rational Repubs. Far worse words than "stupid", "loser", and "clown" are used by the right wing spin machine on a daily basis. Remember O'Reilley's use of "Tiller the baby killer" phraseology. The Left is light years behind the Right in the use of incendiary rhetoric. We're just learning, just beginning to catch up. The rest of your post uses such selective evidence it's really not worth debating. Noticed you didn't mention any of the successful European nations like, Germany, Sweden, Norway, etc. whose economies do quite well and whose citizens work quite hard despite many socialized services. The US will remain great as long as tax rates are equitable (is that a better word than just?) and the middle class remains healthy, two outcomes the GOP and your ilk are doing all in their power to obstruct.

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      • BTW. Nice use of ilk. We should keep score of ad hominem attacks:

        you +1
        me 0

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      • I will grant you that partisans of both sides use childish rhetoric. But partial-birth abortion is technically killing babies. Please read how the procedure works and then let's talk.

        As for the selective evidence, I disagree that I used selective evidence. Please provide one example in which a large government provided liberalized social services (as contemplated by this Administration) that did not collapse or impose monumental reductions (i.e., suppress) in individual rights. Please, just name one. The examples you cited do not support your views. Here is why: European countries have provided greater social services to its citizens because, thanks to the NATO treaty, the United States was primarily responsible to provide for EU defense during the 2nd half of the 20th century. This isn't an indictment of NATO, I personally think it was a good treaty. However, because of it, these countries only needed to have/provide token military and logistical support to the US during the cold war. Not obligated to fund their own defense or military, these countries were free to provide socialized services to their citizens thanks to the blood, sweat, and money from the US. It's no coincidence that now the threat of the cold war ended, the EU (long a dormant idea) came in to prominence and power. We've seen how that's worked. And now we see most of the countries can't afford to provide the social services to their citizens. So yes, I did leave Germany, Sweden, Norway, etc. out of my discussion. (Sweden are members of the EU, but not the Euro Zone). Unquestionably, if it wasn't for the US military spending, they would very likely be speaking Russian now.

        Now the President has proposed cutting (or not increasing) military spending. Maybe that is a good policy decision. However, it does have consequences. Certainly, the world will become less safe without a strong US military.

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