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  • this1goesup this1goesup Nov 17, 2012 12:21 PM Flag

    Short Squeeze Ranking

    Does anybody know the short squeeze ranking of hek? It seems to me with 150million shares out, insiders and institutions owning about 60%= 90 million shares and 41 million short, that with only 20 million loose shares hek is extremely oversold and setting up a huge squeeze

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    • looking for a short squeeze is like waiting for Godot ... you ain't gonna see one ... you can read about
      a short squeeze in a historic article about the stock market , but that's about it .

      yes , you will still hear talking heads identify short squeezes , but that's just hype there really aren't squeezes .. in these days of computer trading models , shorts can cover with at a thousand small
      trades instead of having their own covering launch a stock price to the moon .. sure , there will still
      be some , but they will be rare ..
      just look at short positions and how large they are for thousands of listed companies .. but you don't
      see any real squeeze ... what will pass for a squeeze with HEK , might add 25 or 50 cents to
      a strong move up ... back in the day , a real short squeeze would easily double or triple the price ...

      invest properly and don't look for the "big hit " , take out emotion , and do not regard the stock
      market like a casino .... otherwise , you might well buy thousands of scratch off tickets .. garce

    • To many shorts todays performance is terrible up 1 cent .30% market up 1.2% GL and happy holiday to all

    • it must be a top ranked prospect to get squeezed with numbers like that

    • Not if the other 20 million go short too

      Sentiment: Strong Buy