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  • seadreams1956 seadreams1956 Nov 21, 2012 10:15 AM Flag

    insiders not willing to risk own capital

    if you look at insider transactions over last couple of years, the only trades are when insiders are given shares and the only sales are automatic sales of the shares that were given to them. This is not good. I am a believer in this companys' future in the long run but am skeptical about insiders not investing more of their cash in their own business.

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    • About insiders not willing to risk own capital.....

      Johnsrud just accepted 95m shares as part of PF merger price. That would seem to indicate a great deal of confidence in the combined enterprise (at least on the part of PF insiders).. "Insiders" now own about 50% of HEK. That is a lot of insider ownership and a lot of capital being risked....

      The degree of confidence will not be known until the 95m shares unlock in 2 yrs . At that time do they hold or sell them....Also, it would be revealing if we knew if the 95m shares were in any way hedged.

      One other interesting issue. How much was really paid for PF? 125M cash, 150m debt and 95m shares. What was the price of HEK shares when deal was actually struck. not when annouced. I would guess stock was at $2 something a share......If so, Johnsrud has gained about $80m unrealized based on todays price.....still a good deal for both sides anyway you cut it....GLTA.....

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    • What do you call these?

      May 17, 2012




      Purchase at $3.45 per share.


      May 16, 2012

      HOLTZ LOUDirector



      Purchase at $3.65 per share.


      May 9, 2012

      BARKETT EDWARD ADirector



      Purchase at $3.56 per share.


      May 7, 2012

      SEIDEL ANDREW DDirector



      Purchase at $3.66 per share.


      May 7, 2012




      Purchase at $3.54 per share.


      May 7, 2012




      Purchase at $3.54 per share.


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      • good faith ???? i only see one that bought anywhere near 6 bucks , the rest were good buys ...
        still , most posters are like parrots when they hear a new word and just keep repeating it , without
        knowing the definition ... insider buying is a much more viable metric than insider selling , but
        i still ignore insider activity .... only about 1% of the time does it pan out to have been an accurate
        barometer ..... fundamentals are the facts , all else is subject to POV / bias / emotion or
        hedge fund smokescreens ..

        buy your own map , and mark your own course ...... otherwise you will always be looking
        for the check in mail , or surprised when her belly grows .... garce

      • saw those and I should have mentioned that those were the only ones. Nothing since May and even then just small transactions in the scope of things, where they are given hundreds of thousands of shares. Cmon I will say it again I believe this company will do very well over the next couple of years. At least I hope so, as I own as many shares as the insider trades you mention. GLTY

    • wouldn't you rather work with somebody's else's capital that's what business is all about .. in the
      current evnironment , any company would prefer to hold cash and pile up that cheap debt , or work
      to get current debt repackaged at a cheaper rate ... more than likely , the insiders are investing a ton
      of their own time , as well as a good chunk of their own money ......
      there is risk in this business , and why should they invest an inordinate amount of their own money ..
      they are deferring salaries via options ....

      HEK fits the profile of a small , potential growing company ... they should be carrying lots of
      debt at this point and not showing consistant profits yet ... these things take time to incubate ....