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  • iamgarce iamgarce Nov 22, 2012 11:28 AM Flag

    insiders not willing to risk own capital

    good reply .. i have to laugh at all of the "experts" on Y message boards, they hear or read something about how to analyze a stock , then monolithically apply that to any stock that
    exhibits the same attribute ....
    insider selling seems to be a real target metric for neophytes and sheep .... in about 2% of
    the cases , insider selling is actually a precursor , but for the average retail person , that
    is only known after the fact ...

    one thing people do not realize , is that in many cases , exercising options or selling part
    of a holding , is usually done because the insiders have deferred compensation (pay me
    now or pay me later) ... and there are more reasons than can be counted for an insider
    to sell ... now on the buy side , it's could be different .. normally an insider would only
    buy with the expectation of a rising price , though there are some nefarious ones , who
    buy to prop up the stock price, or give the impression that they have faith in themselves
    and the company ...
    also .. on the buy side , it's more like accumulation over time and on the sell , it more
    like block trades ....

    looking at the above list ... i would posit that even an idiot could see that there are no
    signifigant tranacations ....

    later ... garce