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  • chimakot chimakot Jan 17, 2013 12:00 PM Flag


    I know many on this board don't like his calls/persona, but I respect the man. On the Yahoo Finance page there is an article by Cramer that I totally agree with. If he is right, we will all see our portfolios move higher, except Mr Shortman. This is a clip:

    "And you are not going to win an election if you're responsible for stopping even a week's worth of Social Security checks," Cramer said. "No politician will want to be identified as the person that stopped the government from paying its bills for any length of time."

    The American people won't stand for it - they'll be kicked out of office.

    Therefore, at the 11th hour, Cramer thinks it's relatively safe to assume lawmakers will achieve some kind of compromise.

    "And once we finish the third leg of this political steeplechase, we will have a degree of certainty that we haven't had in ages. That could usher in an age of investing nirvana," said Cramer.

    As a result Cramer thinks investors need to position now, "because once the big bad event is in the rear-view mirror, risk averse money will probably flood the market."

    "I believe the Washington fright-fest is almost over," said Cramer. "And very soon politics should cease to be the biggest catalyst looming over the market."

    That is, very soon fundamentals will drive the market. And, when fundamentals matter most - well, Cramer doesn't think you want to stand in front of that train.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • in the most human fashion, the overwhelmingly majority of Yahoo posters do not recognize a gift
      horse when the see one .... Cramer has freely handed out far more information than any other
      talking head , that i have heard ... as with anything else ... ONE HAS TO DO HIS / HER OWN WORK ..
      no free lunches ... Cramer gives enough rope for a person to hang high with , UNLESS you do
      some of your own work ...

      as with the gourds who dis all analysts for being 180 degress out , without understanding what
      they are actually saying ... when a house issues a "buy rating " .. it does not mean to take
      an entire position tomorrow and then sell at a handsome profit next week .. it means that
      going forward (possibly for a few years !!) an investor should 1) not sell 2) either buy on
      dips , or begin a regular cost avg plan ... the big institutions have to buy or sell in small increments ,
      otherwise their own actions will power the price in whatever direction they are acting on . A "sell rec "
      is just the opposite .. stop buying and begin to sell chunks on rallies ......

      for the most part .. the board gourds treat investing like Quick Draw , or a horse race .... hence , the
      seldom make money .. sure they have some big hits , but overall they will be out when they
      should be in and in when they should be out ..

      MCP ... i terrific study in this matter .. I followed , but never bought that company from the getgo ..
      i just didn't think that it would be a serious concern .. yet watching the price(Ponzi scheme ?? hmmm)
      and read the posts .. anyone who posted negative or even caution got pummelled ... i don't
      think that Cramer ever touted that one .. but two that he did tout , were PCU ... a stock that
      didn't do much for about 6 months after Cramer , went on to triple in price (about 12 months) AND
      paid out dividends between 5 - 25% (adjusted quarterly) ... Lyondell .. a spinoff chemical company ..
      i was convinced that Cramer was wrong on that one ... 6+ months of flat to lower price , then doubled in 6 months with a decent dividend .. when cramer says to buy ... he's often giving you a chance to
      marshall up some guid and put it to work ... same for selling .....

      Cramer has been very good about describing markets , institutional investors and generally
      good investing tenets ... just remember ... an economist , or equity advisor , or gambling
      casino only needs to be correct about 51% of time to be very successful ..... brokers are another
      story ... as long as they don't buy/sell themselves , they always make money ,, whether in
      stocks , real estate , auctions , or whatever .... later ... garce

    • robertramish Jan 17, 2013 1:13 PM Flag

      how this issue will impact HEK directly is not clear. "the tide no longer lifts all boats." Thia market is quite specific.

    • They will make a deal at 24th hr but till the be very careful as the gov. is on watch by s&p
      more than ability to pay bill as we take plenty of cash in monthly to serv debt