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  • bogwa1406 bogwa1406 Jan 29, 2013 8:56 AM Flag

    I love HEK.......have no respect for Cramer or Kudlow because of their past

    I was a certified energy manager and handled all the utility and natgas contracts for a national company until I retired. One of the worst pack of sleeze bags I ever encountered was the Enron gang. I was able to keep them out of picture during the deregulation frenzy. At the time both Cramer and Kudlow constantly hyped Enron...BUY,BUY,BUY. Once Enron fell and fell badly, even hurting their own employees, did people see what sleaze bags they were. Both Jim Cramer and Larry Kudlow had to publicly disclose on CNBC that they had received $100,000 a year from Enron for being "advisors". It's OK to listen to talking heads but you had better know that everyone has a motive and you'll never know who's been bought or not bought. I do my own research and I use my own experience and grey matter to pick my stocks and I blame only myself when I'm wrong. Cramer said not to touch BAC when it was crushed...I bought 5K @ $5, he said not to touch Ford, I bought 5K under $2. I bought HEK on my research not on anything Cramer had to say. I reiterate, if he calls HEK a natgas stock he doesn't know squat about the company whether he says it's a hold "down here" or not. LONG STRONG PATIENT

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    • you can bet if HE says buy or sell,that is is ahead of you and your reaction is good for a pop.
      But a HOLD is a HOLD, how do your read into that ?

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      • Saying it's a hold is helpful but does that offset tagging HEK as a natgas stock, I don't think so. Just reading the posts in here shows how many people relate HEK's success on natgas prices when again that only represents 30% of the frack related business. Natgas fell 15 cents yesterday and another 5 cents today so far. You'll hear the squawking and moaning when natgas falls but you don't hear much about oil being at $97 and that's 70% of HEK's frack related business plus the benefits on the refined fuel oil business. So do I get irked when I hear HEK tagged as a natgas company....HELL YES I DO !

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    • Cramer Cramer Cramer likable enough guy but not the most scrupulous he is being investigated with the Street on several stocks in manipulation by the SEC with his cousin and friend.
      Class action civil also

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      • I like to watch him, he still gives out some good advice to folks but I trust no one but myself when it comes to actually buying a stock. He's out to make $$$ and that's what makes the world go around. Whether he still accepts adviser fees from companies or not...I don't know..but I go on the assumption that he does. Something is wrong when others have to manage your " charitable trust". I don't care enough about him though to look into his background...but something seems rotten. Best wishes to you Gary on HEK...I think we have a winner here but it's gonna take time to get there..IMHO.LSP

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