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  • robert.ramish robert.ramish Jan 29, 2013 10:17 AM Flag

    I love HEK.......have no respect for Cramer or Kudlow because of their past

    its all such noise.... we know the deal

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    • I agree..I'll leave the Cramer topic alone. Now let's find the SOB that added the extra mortar to beef up the $4 wall. I'm showing daily resistance @3.97, weekly @4.20 and monthly @ 5.00. You would think we could have broke through and held by. Who knows...I'm confident these guys are growing a successful enterprise here and if we can't get the valuation for it straight up on stock price we'll get it all at once on a buy out. Doesn't matter to me how the $$$$ comes but very confident it will happen! LSP

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      • 2 Replies to bogwa1406
      • I see $3.90 a huge line in the sand then $4, 4.2 and last a break over 4.40 all on closing price
        As for robs one of the few last short not hardly very many shorted stocks right now wprt. Arna. Hbl. Go to nadaq and look at the sho list And many more all with huge % of float short fact fyi when a stock is on the sho list it means that shares need to be delivered to cover as they are already late and have x # of days or the brokers need to pony up as they appear to be failed shorts.

      • Hek is one of the few last vulnerable stocks left in this environment left to short, its that simple.
        Until more positve news starts to flow we will just have to deal with the push/pull. Make not mistake the shorts are way outnumbered and can't break the floor. Q4 is key. I have my 80 k so I am a hold

        Sentiment: Hold