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  • bogwa1406 bogwa1406 Feb 12, 2013 1:59 PM Flag

    Pro and Con articles all have vested your own DD

    I like readings what others have to say pro or con..but I make my buy or sale of a stock based on my own research. So far I haven't seen anything that puts me into a sell stance on HEK. Give me a price lower than my present base and I'll be in a buying mood. I'm still bullish and will remain so until I find facts that alter my view. Cramer recently tagged HEK a natgas stock, most of the recent bad news is referencing natgas call that knowing the company in-depth enough to downgrade it ? LOL..LOL..ya'll want to accept other peoples assessment go right ahead..I trust myself only, it's my money I risk, and I blame only myself when I miss something. I ain't been beating myself up much lately! Long,Strong,Patient

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Bog you are dead on and I love that u rely on yourself and no one else my mantra
      As for JC till he walks on water he is just for cnbc ratings and kicks

    • "So far I haven't seen anything that puts me into a sell stance on HEK".


      It's common knowledge for anyone with any experience in the markets to know:

      By the time any negative fundamentals are revealed to the public....the price action HAS ALREADY DECREASED to much lower levels (as you are experiencing now).

      Insiders and SMART MONEY will anticipate future negative fundamentals. Sometimes even a full QTR out. The retail investor (like you) waits to see PROOF.....but by then it's TOO LATE!!!!

      Price action DOES NOT LIE.....even as the fundamental story looks to remain positive.

      This....."IS THE WORD OF ZARCON"

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      • That's really pretty Zar....I don't see a dead cow..I know what dead cows look and smell like. If I had any common knowledge I would'nt have bought F under $2 and I wouldn't have bought BAC at $5. Dumb #$%$ luck has been good to me and if I'm just being a dumb #$%$ on HEK then I guess I may come off right again. LOL, Long, Strong, Patient

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    • Downgrade and price target cut were intended to send the pps back in the direction that best serves their interest.David Rose has been wrong on this stock forever,no reason to believe his artificially contrived analytical B.S. now.

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      • I appreciate the comment but please,please,please be optimistic of the facts you find for yourself. Everybody makes and loses money investing and I don't desire to see any particular person become a winner or loser. I like sharing facts as I know them but whether a person buys the stock or sells it falls on their own shoulders,I that being said..I'm still bullish on HEK and looking to buy more if it will get under my present cost basis. I like long term positions so I don't mind the price gyrations, I see that happen on a lot of my postions..I only care about where it ends up in the longterm..and I still expect a good profit two years from now. I waited on F and BAC, FB, and BBRY and I saw a lot more turbulence on them than what Iv'e seen on HEK. I could see something down the road that alters my current expectations but I haven't seen anything as yet.GLTA...Long,Strong,Patient

        Sentiment: Hold

    • Well Said, Bog. Your posts are keeping me optimistic about HEK.