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  • sas.tallen sas.tallen Mar 8, 2013 7:23 PM Flag

    after hours LT $3.69! GAME CHANGE!!!! $6-8 THIS WEEK SHORT SQUEEZE BACK ON!!!!

    The squeeze trade is back on. We can EASILY see over $4 Monday and $6-$8 this week.
    Don't forget CS FIRST BOSTON on TUESDAY!!!!
    40MM shares short.
    Thats almost 50 PERCENT OF THE "actual real" FLOAT!!!!!

    dave rose will probably put a buy on the stock this week hahhhhhhh

    (and Moneywizard will be out of the short pumping biz!!!!!! and your sidekick zark the loser! and dave rose will be freaking!!!!)

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • thegandu69 Mar 8, 2013 8:18 PM Flag

      Don't get too excited. The 26000 shares which traded after hours was a result of Cramer effect on CNBC where he just mentioned that he would like to see how the Nat. gas industry is in general based on their reporting.

    • SAS..Don't be too quick on your assessment of the short position. Many of those shorts are in a hedge position with a long position on the other side of whatever. They don't have to worry about up or down since one position basically offsets the other. Now if they were all "naked shorts" it would be a real party come Monday and beyond. Hope you don't mind my pointing that out. Now I am going back to check out Nasdaq for the remaining half-hour

      • 1 Reply to pensivepop
      • With respect. You are 100 percent wrong. There is no protection on the 40mm naked short postion. (they only covered 6 percent or 4mm shares since last report on the downgrades) I am 100% sure. I did my homework. I have been expecting a massive short squeeze since january. It was all set up. The technicals were perfect. The momo money was in the trade. And then premarket wedbush on Monday February 11th protects his short selling clients and downgrades the stock and thinks he's a hero. At least he did one good thing. All the weak holders are out of the stock. They will be paying over $4 this week for the same stock they sold at $3.50 and lower. The "naked" shorts are in big trouble. They have no more analyst protection! Institutions are increasing there postions. ***Steinberg Asset Management 8MM share postion (6% stake). And many others this past month. Smart Money ALWAYS BUYS WHEN THEY CAN NOT WHEN THEY HAVE TO!!!!
        THIS TIME IS DIFFERNT. REMEMBER CS FIRST BOSTON has said nothing. THEY HAVE THE MOST INFLUENCE IN HECKMANN. HECKMANN WILL be speaking on TUESDAY at the CS FIRST BOSTON conference. What do you think this means??? VERY possible for a 100 percent move in the stock this week!!!!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy