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  • gscgaryc gscgaryc Mar 14, 2013 12:02 PM Flag

    bog another way to cover

    How Wall St. drive stocks down with positive money flow
    What they are doing is to place BOTH buy and short sale orders at the same time !
    Say, current price is at $4.20, fox example. They would place a small short sale at $4.19/shr and place a large buy order at $4.18/shr using their HFT machines. The short sale would bring PPS down and scare weak hands to sell. Their buy order would then scoop up those shares and, in turn, even bring PPS down further ($4.18) while covering their previous short sale. The whole thing could occur in less than 1/2 second, both shorting, covering and accumulating.
    Then, they would repeat the whole cycle over and over again.
    This scenario explain why PPS would go down with huge positive money inflow like yesterday
    wall st at work they hate to loss I see this in most highly shorted stocks

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    • In my investing dream world the following would be implemented the day they crown me KING !
      All stock positions, long or short has to be held until the transaction clears, 3 market days.
      All commodities can only be bid / ask by verified buyers or sellers. If you can't make delivery of said commodity or have facilities to take receipt of said commodity you can't participate in adversely effecting its price.
      Markets worldwide are no longer investment institutions but rather have evolved into high tech casino's where players who have no skin in the game drive "key" economic asset classes through shear gambling. Much like the Tulip Bubble of decades day soon the house of cards is gonna fall.

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      • I will cast my vote for you if this is the case or almost anyone not in office! What is shocking to me the bum that allowed this keeps getting elected? He has done so much more to hurt fine companies and retail investors that imo he should go to prison as he is very smart and is fully aware of it and continues to defend it and expand. I Wont use names, as this will become a dem rep thing and its not.

        Another thing since u brought it up if I buy and sell in less than 3days the money is locked up for three working days this is not the case with big funds for some time now from what I understand but will verify.
        How about same rules for all and get rid of computers on the exchange floor for rich corp. co so they can have better discovery of pricing and flip switches on tons of leveraged money Its a rigged game and we need to adjust