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  • bogwa1406 bogwa1406 Mar 14, 2013 3:02 PM Flag

    Oil is @ $92, Natgas @ $3.80....the oil and gas companies will have much greater

    confidence and cashflows versus 2012. It doesn't matter what oil/gas coampny you look at they all are increasing activity substantially. Chevron +20 % increase in shales, APA selling gulf assets to increase onshore USA production from 20% to 41% by after company is saying the same thing and it's not just 2013, it's 2014,2015,2016....for the next 10+ years and HAS TO BE DONE BY FRACKING. Increasing demand for a limited water source.......DON"T UNDERESTIMATE HEK/NES as a growth company to be reckoned with. 6 months ago the short story was fracking was dead in it's tracks........where'd that story line vanish to ? The shorts are always going to try and find something...just keep doing your DD..let fact drive your investments, not fear or fantasy as both are very dangerous.