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  • bogwa1406 bogwa1406 Mar 26, 2013 11:23 AM Flag

    Apparently drunken shorts are stumbling out of the OTC lounge and strip club.

    Isn't it amazing how shorts want to "save longs hard earned money " ? It seems rather contrary that someone with a short position would be so unselfish as to desire to help the opposition. I've been long and have stayed long..when HEK got to $3.50 I was begging people to get it down to $2.90 or as low as they could get it so I could load the boat. Now why wouldn't shorts be begging you to run the price up to $7 or $12..if they believed their own BS. Because they don't believe it...they're scared... they're losing money and they want to exit cheaper. I'll stay with my premise...drop HEK to sub $3..and I"LL STILL LOAD THE will not hear the shorts trying bolster the price up...which would be a true shorts desire...if they believed their own story. Like I said...they lost all their story lines and it's their dilemma to deal with. If they are foolish enough to think they're playing with OTC's penny pink sheets, then maybe they'll stick around and cover when it really counts..and I'd much prefer that. When shorts are screaming.....feel's a good sign! Long, Strong, Patient

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    • Small little retail investor shorts are playing on emotions and fear and they obviously are alittle bitter, angry, all of the above If they could not see the writing on the wall then thats their own dumb fault. Do you they want to compound their losses and continue to be short. Be my guest.. in fact go ahead short more if you think 2012 Hek will continue through 2013. There posts will be come more comical , more desperate and they will entertian me. I love a good clown show.

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