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  • mardermj mardermj May 6, 2004 2:44 PM Flag

    Speech Impediments and ZIXI Futures

    My favorite leaders and entrepreneurs all have obstacles to overcome that made them overachieve.

    Did you notice in the review for this quarter that the new CEO and CFO lisp--the sibilent "S" was very obvious.

    That perked up my ears big time. Here's a couple guys with a wall in front of communication, on a personal level, in a business whose job it is to communicate frequently life and death issues via more accurate and secure means that heretofore possible.

    Call me a bigot but that was my most heartening indicator that this company is in dedicated and willing hands. That's the kind of guy I want running sales and working communication improvements--a guy who knows how hard it is to communicate because however how slight, that impediment is a driver towards making communication better--and that is what this firm is all about.

    I got a lot more out of the meeting than words. These guys are moving out and they are internally motivated in a way that you don't see or get often.

    I'd take heart on that and ride this one out on that alone. This is a thinly traded stock and we are going to get this in this insane period where the pressure on a nickels worth of butter via inflation is more important than your homes value or the value of your portfolio.

    Hang in there..........

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