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  • cpv_100 cpv_100 May 17, 2004 8:57 PM Flag

    Snow Job After Hours

    Shorts played one of their usual stunts and sold shares to themselves after hours-cheap. Damn those hyennas don't let up. It will be interesting to see if that bullshit holds up in the morning. I see uptrending price. I don't think they will get away with it this time.

    I wonder if they still have that stock dumping program at CINN at their disposal-probably have a few more analysts/columnists ready to trash talk the stock too. Does anyone know if that guy at Barron's is on the take? He certainly didn't approach the article in an unbiased way. Struck me as similar to the spin doctor shit you see around election time.

    Anyone know how Zix is doing in terms of being added to Russel 2000? That would be nice.

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    • anonymous_message_board_id anonymous_message_board_id May 18, 2004 12:18 AM Flag

      You see an uptrending price? WTF stock are you looking at? This is the ZIXI board. The most likely thing you saw today is some covering as shorts tend to do after an open like today's. This stock is in a complete downtrend. It has broken all support levels above 6.20. The 10dma has crossed the 30DMA. The 30DMA has crossed the 50DMA. ZIXI is better than 40% below its 200DMA. The shorts you are blaming the continued fall on are keeping the price UP with their covering as they are the only buyers to be found. The BS institutional buying someone posted earlier shows the period ending March 31. You can bet that number has fallen big time. You just don't fall this far this fast without the big boys taking their profits and going home. How can you live with yourself while you post such absolute freaking BS? The technicals could not suck any harder. This company needs to do something positive before any bottom is going to form.

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      • Obviously I am being slightly optimistic. Stocks with value or the future prospect of value don't fall forever. Anyway I'll tell you what the optimism is based on in technical terms.
        1. There is support in the $6 range from before Christmas.
        2. Yesterday showed a reversal albeit a small one.
        3. The rate of change of the moving averages trio is shifting fairly quickly in the last few days.
        4. Over sold-yea that too
        5. Volume recovering and it doesn't look like large covering phenomena. But I don't know and unless you are the one covering I doubt you do either.
        6.Institutional buying is posted on the Nasdaq site and was posted correctly. I checked it personally. In fact today they have upgraded their numbers to the tune of plus 2% over yesterdays numbers which leads me to believe that the 100,000 share net accumulation yesterday may have been largely institutional buying. In any case the number is now up 5% in the last 30 days. The previous 30 days showed plus 7%. Are you beginning to see the trend?
        7. A number of days ago I posted a statement that I have informed individuals acting as an information conduit to some hedge funds. I wasn't kidding. I mentioned that prices in the $6s are a steal IMO in a long term holding scenario. So who knows. Some of those guys may be buying shares. I let you know if I hear anything.

        Am I expecting a full recovery in a week-no but a 50% retracement in 30 days is possible considering technical rules.

        I don't mind you taking issue with my technical interpretations. God knows there are diferent ways of looking at those signals. None are 100% reliable in any case.

        I do however take issue with your blatant misrepresentation of institutional buying so I am going to have to put you in theshithead category. Any more questions shit head? Maybe today you will get to eat a shit sandwich.

      • "...The BS institutional buying someone posted earlier shows the period ending March 31...."

        My, but you are observant.

        It was identified as being end of Q1 status.

        BTW, the buying was not BS.

        It really happened.


    • About how we're doing with the russell 2000. An article I read in late March (when the market in general was much higher) estimated the entry level market cap at about 190 million. I think that is a high number now. Even at 190 million market cap, with 30.57 million shares outstanding that means the price needs to drop below $6.21 a share. I, therefore, am optimistic on getting into the Russell 2000 and it's 1.5-2 million imstitutional buying that results. I hope Ryan saves the e-fax and signing of the 4 million LOI until later in month.

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