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  • longisland1970 longisland1970 Aug 28, 2007 11:54 AM Flag

    Regulators from all 50 states selects ZixCorp/ Over 60k new addresses a week(web link) Aug 27, 07


    Regulators from all 50 states in addition to Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, all of whom also have to communicate with their client institutions and federal regulators, including the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and the Office of Thrift Supervision.

    The conference selected a fully managed service from ZixCorp that uses a customer gateway appliance with a central directory to secure and route e-mail messages between and among customer organizations.

    �We secure communities of interest,� said Nigel Johnson, vice president of product management at Zix.

    The two largest communities it now serves are the financial services and health care industries. Federal, state and county governments are a fast-growing market for Zix, both regulatory agencies such as those served by CSBS and agencies that deliver citizen services, he said. The company�s central directory contains about 8.4 million e-mail addresses and is adding new ones at a rate of about 60,000 a week.

    �Every member can communicate with every other member,� he said. �We also have mechanisms for sending e-mail to nonmembers.�

    �This solution seemed to work best for the states because they had options,� Quist said. Agencies using ZixCorp E-mail Encryption Service can send secure e-mail messages to other agencies even if they are not Zix customers. The first state regulators began signing up in 2005

    Go zixi

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    • which product will they use? i got the impression dell is no longer in that market.

    • Zix will be buying some hardware late in the last quarter of '07 that it will need for an expanding client base in 2008. The discounts are going to be too good to bypass the opportunity, as vendors want to close inventory off their books in favor of income at end of year. I am not all that hot on Spurr as a CEO but I do think he is a very good COO and runs a tight ship. By year end he is going to have a pretty good idea of how many of those damn PDAs Zix is going to need for 2008 and just before EOY is the best time to buy them. If the eprescribing bill does pass before then and includes the mandatory word, OEMs may be even more motivated to supply Zix and have their trademark on the best of bread eprescribing tool as the market begins to ramp up to meet the mandate. If mandated, Zix will likely be buying a bunch of 'em, but the price will be right and they will need 'em.

    • Right on Justguessing, Spurr also said the reason for his holding to a 4.8MM besides being conservative was (2) seasonal fluctuations, 3(annual premiums for 2008 paid in Q4) and last but not least PRE-BUYS. Yessiree, Bob, PRE-BUYS of equipment that makes cash burn look bad in Q4 but really is only shifting assets, it is not losing value. Then in Q1 of the next year there is more cash receipts and less cash spent and presto, you have a banner quarters as you spring into cash flow breakeven with an astounding cash flow positive number and all the kings horses and the kings men gather around to congratulate the King on achieving this milestone. It is called staging and worthy of the theatre.

      Q1 2008 IS GOING CASH FLOW POSITIVE WITH A BANG unless of course there is nothing to pre-buy and they just go breakeven in Q4. That is known as premature e-jac...well you get the point.

    • Hey, Sschatz, the company has averaged a 21% increase in cash receipts PER QUARTER for the last three quarters. Last quarter was 7.9MM. From 4.4MM to 7.9MM in 9 months.
      Cash burn was 350K last quarter. The company may pre-buy and pre-pay a bundle of expenses for 2008 but that will enchance cash flow in 2008.

      Lets assume they will have another 21% gain in this quarter. That would put it at 9.5 with a positive cash flow of half a million. Put it another way the company could go cash flow breakeven in the 4th quarter if they chose to do so. The won't choose to do so.

      Your snide comment about investments hiding cash burn are worthy of Simpchimp. Wrap yourself around that growth in cash receipts and see if you think Zix has a cash flow problem. BTW just for your information that growth in cash receipts was without any assistance from E-scripts which has much greater potential for cash.

    • Cash burn for the year is still projected to be less than or about $4.8 million for the year, as origionally guided in the EOY conference call. In light of doing better than guidance in this area for each of the last two quarters on the last conference call the CEO was asked why he was still sticking to the 4.8 figure, the short form of his answer was "we are being very consertive". Cash flow breakeven is expected in Q1-08.

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