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  • metal416 metal416 Oct 28, 2007 11:48 AM Flag


    ZIXI has about 20% revenue growth and losses are have been declining substanially as has their burn rate. Read the SEC Filings. They are in a big future market. hey just said their revenues are going to come in above expectations. That is why people ae buying the stock. The are buying a future big winner.

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    • Growth, recognized revenue is a trailing indicator of a company's progress and in the case of Zix a VERY trailing indicator. Cash flow receipts is the LEADING INDICATOR. See this post for my virtual guarantee.

      ""A Virtual Guarantee (11 Ratings) 5-Sep-07 01:20 pm I am in a position to tell you that it is virtually sure that the managers of the institutional fund selling all these shares for the past month DID NOT KNOW AND WAS NOT AWARE OF THE PROGRESS BEING MADE IN SECURE MESSAGING.

      If you are looking at revenues from E-Secure it appears that progress is very slow and nothing much is happening. However if you understand the business model for E-Secure with their 3 years contracts then you will look at the cash receipts numbers and see that Zix progress in E-Secure is astounding causing one report to say it is the highest cash flow RATE OF INCREASE in the sector. Virtually all of that record increase is from E-Secure. E-Secure has entered into a viralent growth stage but it is not on hardly anyones radar yet because they are watching revenue.

      WHAT ELSE IS HAPPENING THAT IS NOT YET ON THE RADAR. E-Secure is exploding but the boom has not reached the street. Check out the numbers. 4MM to 8MM in 6 months. What is your opinion?""

      Note: The cash flow receipts started ramping about a year ago. There is about a year between ramps in the leading and trailing indicators with the E-Secure business model.
      Revenue AIN'T going to be growing at 20% going forward. You might look at backlog figures as well to see the evidence of this type of business model. Bout $30,000,000.00 that has entered the building but has not been recognized as revenue yet. Revenue is the last thing to look at with THIS HYDRA HEADED MONSTER.

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