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  • mojodaso mojodaso Dec 30, 2007 9:18 PM Flag

    Question for the board regarding 600,000 vested options at 4.87....

    Well, I guess I am going to have to interrupt my winter vacation and address this seemingly monstrous question plaguing the board regarding this issue. I would have thought Beta would have settled but he was busy bitch slapping so I guess it will be left to me to be constructive.

    Before I address this I would like for JCap to weigh in on this. My take is that these shares were actually exercised by the four horsemen so that a year from now plus one day they can achieve long term capital gains should they want to sell. However I don't think there is a possibility in this world that they ponied up 3 million to fund the exercise the warrants. Through some agreement with the company and BOD they are being carried for the purchase price. My understanding is that there is a common organizational procedure for handling this. I think the more important part of this is that their timing occurred in a natural break prior to significant events (10 day or two weeks). I would say that Jan 2 the requisite time span will have passed for the such action. The more intriguing thing is why they would even be thinking about long term captital gains one year from now. THEY DIDN'T BORROW 3M ON THEIR CREDIT CARDS JUST TO HELP THE ZIX CORP CASH SITUATION.

    I personally think that Jan 2008 is the most significant month in Zix history in 4 years. I'm personally elated that they are jockeying and postioning themselve to take advantage of the sunami of 2008, just like I am doing, just like other are doing. They achieved a tremendous goal and they are thinking the same thing I am. Where is the best place on this wave to get the longest and best ride. Wednesday it starts getting crowded on the crest of the wave. Happy surfing.

    Mojo in the sun.

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