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  • usafund2001 usafund2001 Jul 9, 2009 9:07 AM Flag

    Zixi in the drivers seat!!!

    We believe Zix Corp will sell their Pocketscript technology, but will receive transaction fees for processing the scripts securely through their system. Zix will no longer be in charge of selling to the doctors. They will just be a management and clearing house for the prescriptions. There are many companies today that are looking to get a piece of this Health Care money. I have posted a link below talking about Cisco and United Health Partnering together.

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    • I hate to say I told you so...naw I really don't.

      "December 11, 2008

      Cisco Systems: Technology Conference Summary

      The CEO says the "big killer app" on the internet is video... The company highlights their 6 point plan of: 1. focus on vision, strategy, and execution, 2. rapid expansion of collaborative technologies, 3. aggressive investments for the recovery, 4. invest in select high growth mkts, 5. manage and realign resources to execute effectively, 6. focus on goal of evolving into the top communications and IT company enabled by the expanding role of the network as a platform... The company sees viral adoption within their Wiki pages; growing to 181K page count in Q2 from 172K in Q1... The company sees network security growth in large businesses, citing the creation of an entire network within a battleship and the Macau City of Dreams network... In Q&A, when asked about the adoption of the GOOG model of CLOUD COMPUTING, the co says they certainly see UPTAKE OF THAT IN THE MARKET. They see the data storage market becoming a hybrid model going forward, in which they say the network becomes the enabler between the 2 data storage areas, because it is one of the constants. They warn that CIOs will then have to worry about "BACKEND SECURITY" and control issues with data, so policy mgmt will be key."

      The caps are mine. Note that the buzzword for what Zix Corp does for Google is "BACKEND SECURITY". Now this is CSCO who is saying this and the Great Mojo predicted more than a year ago that CSCO would be the buyer of Zix Corp.

      CSCO is going SAAS and there would be no better way to get there than paying through the nose to get this SAASY company.

      Buy me, Cisco, break out the cash."


      BTW, nobody has cash like The Cisco Kid.

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      • "Mr. John T. Chambers , 60
        Exec. Chairman, Chief Exec. Officer, Pres and Member of Acquisition Committee"

        John T. is also a member of the "Acquisition Committee" and he's got $35,000,000,000.00 kroners in hand to spend. Wonder if he has a Gulfstream and wonder if its parked at Ketchum, Idaho with all the others. Wonder if John knows about United Healths national contract with Zix. Wonder if we are get a spark before July 15 when it is announced that Zix is involved in the dealybobber.

        I would love to have CSCO going forward instead of ZIXI. Are you kidding me. All it would take is 62 million shares of CSCO to buy ZIXI, the BACKEND SECURITY of the Empire. Wonder if Google would be content with CSCO handling the BACKEND SECURITY. It's all happening under the Sun Valley sun.


        Mojo in his Dodge Caravan private jet

      • I also liked your idea of a share for share trade. $18.25... Still less than I had fantasized for ZIX 2 years ago but not shabby anyway.

        They sure do have the cash and the shares to pick up ZIX without even noticing it...

    • I like this from the link:

      " one of the first organizations using the new technology for a program targeting the chronically ill in New Mexico."


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