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  • lakeshire lakeshire Jun 9, 1999 3:38 PM Flag

    Only_Bob_is_Stupid_Here: I bought once

    I've seen this year. Recent comparisons made by
    of this stock to Bre-X Minerals is not out of
    The timing of the Joseph Charles analyst's extreme
    valuation and method of throwing out his remark as some
    of major news should have immediately sounded alarms
    suspicion. I don't understand why there should have been
    speculative attention given to CUST's product before
    revealed. "News" should have come out AFTER the
    of the product.

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    • Scammiest? OK so your 14 right?

      your adolescent opinion is not wanted here. Something
      from your last post made me LOL and I would like to
      share it again with everyone here.

      You said, and
      I quote,
      "I don't understand why there should
      have been such speculative attention given to CUST's
      product before being revealed."

      Young man, when
      you build your network of associates in the financial
      arena whom you come to respect over the years of
      successfull insight and speculative strategy, the you WILL
      UNDERSTAND. Until then you are a gnat on the sidelines not
      understanding what is whizzing by you.

      You can't expect
      to be able to get in on a good speculative stock
      without extensive research, experience, and many contacts
      with the same skills. That is how it is

      Yes, CUST is a winner. But that is my opinion.

      • 1 Reply to tech_trdr_2k
      • Think now. You just think for one minute and
        understand what
        I said. I am not making reference to
        speculation made by
        those that purchased before all the
        hype came out. I'm
        talking about GAMBLERS buying
        this stock after the "news".
        How many hyping this
        stock became investors in the 70s and 80s?
        Did they
        all buy this based on their associates advice? I
        think so. I also don't see this high flyer whizzing by
        me either. I'm short this stock still, which is also
        but I didn't make this position during a time that
        CUST was
        some sort of secret only to be shared
        among associates. Tell
        me, why has this turd not
        been able to keep more of it's gains
        that brought
        it to 90? Huh big shot?? So before you go
        down people's throats when they DO make legit
        why don't you consider thinking first, or did you
        have to
        pawn your brain in order help cover some
        of your losses you've
        incurred by falling for the
        Have fun turd lover.

    • Looks like the resistence is stable mid 40's. A
      dollar yesterday another today. This steady growth is
      exactly what we want to see.

      The shorts have lost
      their momentum plays and the stock is gaining

      This board should be shy a few shorts very

      I would declare victory for those longs who hung in

      Smooth sailing from here.

      Congrats on another up
      day all.

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