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  • pooper1998 pooper1998 Jun 10, 1999 12:49 PM Flag

    buy a real stock in this industry--

    with revenues and profits--EPAY_-- on the move

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    • shot71frombackteesatOakmont shot71frombackteesatOakmont Jun 11, 1999 7:01 AM Flag


      Are you paranoid or something?


    • After seeing 25k block within ten minutes of
      close, and the ensuing argument over whether it was a
      buy or a sell, I decided to call someone I know in
      the business.
      His take is that a 25k block of
      this stock was almost certainly accumulation. He told
      me that it is likely the trade was out of sequence
      by at least a few minutes, and probably timed to go
      through at the busiest part of the day to minimize
      visibility. He also said that it is not likely mm
      transaction. If the price shows strength today he believes we
      may see another such block this afternoon.
      also asked for my dd sheet.

    • about an it true?

    • If there was an SEC inquiry, the company would be
      required to
      make a public announcement

      There is no inquiry.

      It is sad the lengths that
      some people go to try to do damage

      Proper research would alert you to the fact that Custom
      is associated with an unusually impressive list of
      and Cook and his board of directors are all
      of the highest quality in their business dealings.

      Nobody outside of the company truly knows what is going
      on, but from our knowledge of the players, the
      investment in their new
      very high-tech facility, and some
      of their public statements, one can assume that they
      indeed believe that what they have will be highly

      We believe that the stock will trend higher, however
      we would not like to see the uncontrollabe action of
      about 10 days ago.

    • Someone asked for a list of MMs on CUST. Here's

      Also, investors should realize that Margin exists
      because it is profitable for the brokerages. While some
      people are able to double their profits with margin, the
      average investor, like the average day trader, loses
      money when on margin. Generally, I'd say that margin is
      for the educated and for people with IQs ranging 130
      and up. Even then, margin buying is potentially

      My personal disclosure is that I bought AOL 2 splits
      ago fully margined. For that reason my return on
      capital has been about 400% in AOL. Oh the toys I bought
      . . .


    • On the open- gonna skyrocket today. Word is out. Get in before it is too late. So long shorts because that is all you are gonna have left!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA

    • Previous poster asked questions on how can you
      find out if a SEC investigation is underway. Like does
      the compnay have to report to the public on an SEC

      I am curious too. Anyone know? Can a
      company be under investigation and the shareholders be
      allowed to be kept in the dark?

      Please respond...I
      am getting worried. Averaging up may havve been a
      mistake (although CUST did act well in the face on a
      NASDAQ sell off). This investment is the most
      emotionally wrenching one I have.

      At least I am not on

    • To: sargent (717 )
      From: Rajiv Thursday, Jun
      10 1999 7:42AM ET
      Reply # of 732

      How do
      you know that the technology CUST is developing
      hasn't been in the works for much longer than everyone
      thinks and, recently, after realizing that they had
      something great with their transaction technology, coupled
      with the fact the music portion of their business did
      not hold as much potential as this transaction
      technology, they decided to scrap everything to focus on this
      new breakthrough product?

      CUST took over a
      small start-up company (owned by David Cook) which was
      working on the customized CD stuff. This company was not
      working on the internet trust/DSS stuff as once the
      internet music project was dropped, payments to David Cook
      for the purchase of the company were also stopped.
      This is a clear indication that this company's
      technology and patent was no longer of monetary
      significance. Otherwise David Cook would have insisted on the
      remaining payments. The title of the patent was also
      transferred back to Cook - another sign that the tech was no
      longer useful. CUST has only retained a license just in
      case they re-incarnate themselves back to the
      internet- music business

      If CUST would have been
      working on the internet secure transcations and the DSS
      stuff from before, evidence would have shown up in the
      10-Qs. You draw a blank on examining the P/l statements,
      cash flow, balance sheet, etc.

      They did not
      start working on this project before the start of the
      year. And till March end, they spent around (probably
      less) 2 MM. The net value of their property and
      equipment (as of March 31) is around 1


    • when?

    • This may sound scary, but compare BBU3 to

      He's got this gift (advice) that's free. He's doing it
      for our good and all he needs is for you to receive
      this gift. He's not begging us or condemning us . .

      Just a thought before dinner . . .

      As for the
      longs, as soon as this quarter finishes, I'm going to
      take a good long look into the companies I own stock
      in. I'll post my findings on CUST and we can then
      decide whether to hold long or jump


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