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  • peristentone peristentone Jul 5, 2010 5:32 PM Flag

    Number of Trucks Going to ONP Facility

    No, wrong again. 200K (please note the K for THOUSAND) is their total approximate output capacity PER YEAR. The chairman of ONP said to and to Muddy Waters that the capacity was now at 250K and they were running at 85% utilization. Let's do this very complicated 7th grade math together:

    250,000 tons/year * .85 * 1 year / 365 days = 582 tons/day

    582 tons per day: that is the amount they need to be shipping out of their facility - on average - every day for 365 days in order to make the statement of ONP's chairman true.

    Please, don't comment on threads if you aren't willing to at least read the executive summary of the thing you are summarizing.

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