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  • peristentone peristentone Jul 4, 2010 11:51 PM Flag

    Muddy Waters is Very Fraudulent

    seasaw says:
    "...this is the problem with ONP's and its defenders response - they attack the ones questioning the company but don't address the allegations. "


    "HOw about a list in english and chinese with address and phone number of each of the top ten customers so that we can independently verify those customers? "


    "How about providing an open invite to all of the shareholders to visit the facilities and see the production for themselves. The youtube video appears to have dilapadated equipment that looks like it couldn't produce 1 ton a day, much less 570 tons a day."


    ONP should hire you to do investor relations. You understand what they need to do to fight this much better than they do (so far).

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