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  • waldo_mushman waldo_mushman Aug 15, 2010 1:47 PM Flag

    Good week

    1. Chimin documents that ONP's largest customer has annual sales smaller than what ONP claims to sell them in raw material.
    2. CCA documents the fact that ONP's largest supplier is a fiction that sells nothing to ONP and is controlled by ONP's chairman.
    3. The class action firms total rises to 5.
    4. Stock continues it relentless journey to fourteen cents.
    5. Doug keeps selling. Pearson is MIA. Jackson has left the building. Every analyst remains in hiding.
    6. The only longs left seem to be very dim bulbs if forced to judge by their postings.

    And the question I am anxious to see answered is who bails first?

    Roth? Directors? Deloitte?


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    • NO THEY WON'T someone is going behind BARS!

    • If the company is not buying the amount of scrap supply they say they are the implications are obvious. They can't make and sell paper if they don't buy scrap.

      They don't buy anything from Dongfang since Dongfang has zero revenue, therefore ~40,000,000 in revenue is "mistated" or just missing. And I agree; this doesn't imply fraud. It iron clad certain proves it.

      Fines won't fix this mess.


    • A last gas p .....e...

    • John waldo Bird impressed you can still count to six. It exceeds the expectations most people have of the geriatric investor crowd. Never seen a post by you that reveals anything but the possibililty you played RED on That 70's Show. Give us something to think about besides a TV show. OK RED!

      Go gitter Red!


    • GLAD TO SEE YOU'RE STILL SHORT! AND THE BANANA IN THE BACK and seasaw with the peanuts behind the banana!

    • I love how you distort perception.

      Chimin used a still frame of a website. That is a joke. why did he not supply the actual link?

      CCA used documents from his own site that were a PDF file that could have also been manipulated and there is no verifiable proof that the CEO of ONP is currently a majority owner in the supplier. Also, even if those are original documents(very doubtful) then that still provides zero proof that ONP's reported revenue is incorrect as ONP's AIC and SEC documents match, but AIC documents not matching is not neccessarily an indication of a company's actual revenue.

      The class action suits are a joke and use no evidence except for MW's report and nothing is fully filed until they get enough plaintiffs to move forward and proof comes out. Just ambulance chasers trying to make money if fraud does come out.

      Who knows what Doug's deal is. There is no telling how much he has sold and I do not blame him for minimizing risk as the investigation may take some time and the short sellers attacks are relentless.

      Pearson is the only one who has not really responded after the first time.

      Eric Jackson has put out several articles and comments in defense providing his opinion and stating the proof he has found. He, ONP, and others are obviously not going to respond to every little thing.

      So you and others continue to post misleading comments and some are even trying to discredit what the investigation will bring about and that Deloitte will not be respectable if certain things are not done. In this regard, I am speaking to Seasaw, and the claims he states in the sec filings and others carry no indication that revenue is incorrect and if the equipment being built is the value stated and some of the actual important issues.
      The stated earnings is really the most important aspect of everything

    • I am not a shareholder.
      But i want to say to you: go home and f,u,c,k your mom to death!

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