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  • emmy_hasnewws emmy_hasnewws Jan 10, 2011 5:53 PM Flag

    Get?..... my gift ?@ @

    >>>>liked my born pic, but don't expect it to stay up. Not posting, and will have to come up with new names

    to shake you off, for good.<<<<<

    .........@ @ SHAKE ME? and you follow me over from that
    chitty coffee maker boring..bored...
    yeah really..
    worry bout the price of coffee..not me..
    and......your POS jeans..stock.

    lol lol zzzzzzzzzzzz
    zzzzzzzzzz lol shaking...zzzzzzzz
    IF you say it's your BORN pic..
    dont see any others...

    zzzzzzzzzzzz and lol lol

    zzzzzzzzz ONPeee..shake it DJ...!

    WAZZZZZup doc...
    awwwwwwww forgit it!

    time to walk the doggie..and
    layout tmrws...plan B..
    B as in BORN? or brad?
    LOL you noze so much.....guess !
    im tired of doing
    all the!
    i guess REE........was yours too!
    hi is strange ...aint it brad?

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    • ".........@ @ SHAKE ME? and you follow me over from that
      chitty coffee maker boring..bored...". You don't read do you
      Em? Suggest you go read those few posts I made on GMCR and why. You had sold that stock, so you had said, and believe me
      I checked the board first and you and your crew of names were
      not there. You think because you go to what 50 message boards a month, and drop your little comments that they are your boards, therefore I'd be following you? Guess I better not post anywhere cause Emmy has been there, right? I was minding my own bidness when you dropped in with your comments. Thank
      goodness animals love their masters, even when they're jerks.
      You can't even stay on topic either. Who said anything about other stocks not me, cause you aren't going to know.

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