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  • sunnsailor sunnsailor Jul 25, 2011 4:19 PM Flag

    Could Emmy & Bobbie R be C. Block???


    Thee real (financefred) said:
    "In DISGUISE? Carson had a GPA of 1.4 in high school and told CNBC his favorite subject was his Fathers Liquor cabinet...The writing style of Emmy and Bobbie and all "her" other alias's makes me think that "she" too had a 1.4 GPA in school. C'mon Emmy...Tell me to "F" off! It makes me so HOT! Especially when you put lots of "...............'s" and "hahahahahahaaaaaaaaa's" in your MYSTERIOUS and yet so FUNNY at the same time! hahahahahahahahaaaaaa...........I'm just so AMUSED and INTRIGUED!" Endquote.
    =>NEW COPYCAT: (finance_fred) is harassment by (foreverdumdum) with his 20+ (TWENTY PLUS) ALIASES.
    This should get him banned by YAHOO. COMPLAIN ABOUT THESE COPYCAT #$%$ TODAY! Foreverdumdum should have his balls shot off at 100 yds. Evelyne can do the honors from front & back aiming, as she's a good shot! He needs neutering anyway. GO ONP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This topic is deleted.
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