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  • j_mac0405916 j_mac0405916 Feb 7, 2013 11:30 AM Flag

    Charts confirm ONP is going to go back up

    but wow there are alot of people trying to hold this down

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    • What chart are you looking at...All I see for the last 2 years is a downward drop.

      Last I saw, Liu and Yen are still at the helm....nothing from the company in the last month in terms of press releases.

      As to a lot of people trying to hold this down I strongly disagree. There are a lot of people angry and trying to get out piece by piece. This thing trades down on low volume...100 and 200 shares at a time. When it does go down in a huge chunk, its likely a hedge fund tired of the BS from this company and giving up to cut their losses.

      Does this change the But as has been said, ONP does not trade on fundamentals. It trades on "what ifs" and scare tactics from short-sellers who probably have no skin in the game.

    • Jr is right. ONP doesn't trade on fundamentals. OEX are you seeing short interest increase? nobransio is up about a buck from when Big Mac started posting...

    • You new to ONP? You post based on what you believe to be fundementals. This stock does not trade on fundementals.

    • if you think it's going back up, you must be reading the chart upside down. #$%$ is that you're smoking? It must be really strong stuff. ONP has tanked from $14 to $2's with occasional spikes up, all these spikes resulted in new lows. The trend is your friend and the trend for this pile of poop is definitely down down down.

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      • 2 Replies to dr_joe_can_blow_me
      • Smoking MJNA high as f*u*c*k this bad boy is going to run like a truck!
        Do some D&D and get in soon my god do we have to feed you with a spoon?
        You wouldn't be posting if you didnt need something so stop acting like we all can't see you fronting!
        Stop lying&plying when its time to be buying! Your a joke bloke hows that poke!
        Yeah we $moke hell ya we toke
        We are laughing and yes its at you we are here to win and your here to spin your about to get droped as soon as this pops.
        Tell me all this $hit in 6 months kid

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      • Mac, Don't listen to this Joe Blow. He's been on this thead spewing his "BS" for a while.
        Nobraino the same way and he saying he's honest. Boy what a JOKE! He better take some viagra before that circulation completely stops in that brain of his.
        He wouldn't know how to read a chart If his life depended on it!

        Disregard him he's a short just trying to pick up a few pennies.

        Regards OEX

        Sentiment: Buy

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