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  • rudfox rudfox Jun 30, 2014 2:45 PM Flag

    26.500676% of Basis to RYAM

    I expect the basis allocation used by the brokers to report your basis to the IRS (subject to rounding) will be

    73.499324% percent of basis to RYN
    26.500676% percent of basis to RYAM

    This is based on
    RYN: $34.76 day low; 35.89 high; 35.325 avg;
    RYAM: $36.44 day low; 39.98 high; 38.21 avg

    Applying this vs the 48.53 RYN close Friday, the adjusted price last Friday for the components would be
    $35.67 adj RYN Friday June 27 close
    $38.58 adj RYAM Friday June 27 equivalent.

    It still would make sense to check wait until official example calculations are published. That's all that you can expect: examples. But I think that is what the brokers go with.

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    • Did you see that brief spike to $40.20 in the last minute? That may be a false report. But if it holds (does not get deleted), that changes my calculation to this:
      73.443293% percent basis to RYN
      26.556707% percent basis to RYAM

      I looked at "time and sales". That appears to be a single trade at 3:59:00 EDT executed while the bid was 38.75 and the asked was 38.87. However I think I show the trade was 400,100 shares on a "third exchange". If somebody has better info, we would be interested to hear it.
      Regarding the office pool, my entry was much later in the day. It will be interesting, but we will probably have to wait a few days to get a definitive number.

    • I figured 25.6% for RYAM and 74.4% for RYN.
      Maybe we should start an office pool.
      I just hope the final official % goes to inform the brokers so our tax forms are spot on.
      As you know the brokers record and keep current our basis for the IRS.

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