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  • android_stocks android_stocks Apr 26, 2010 4:00 PM Flag

    Is KERX becoming groupthink?

    I want to hear dissenting opinions when KERX is a bad idea.

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    • last time i highlighted some faults in a price projection model, i got into a nasty fight w/ a person who thought he knew it all but clearly didn't do any meaningful DD. let people live in their bubble if they want.

      there's a bull and bear case to be made for every company, but some people just refuse to consider any evidence or discussion contrary to their position.

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      • sleepless.....just buy the stock and stop trying to think you can outsmart the longs by day trading. Yes there is an argument for each side but if you don't have core shares locked up and stashed away, you will clearly be on the losing side of this argument. Forget all the static for a moment and do realize, the longs and CEO behind this equity are not to be toyed with. They are not novices and will eat up , swallow and crap out all the shorts and day traders before the year's up and probably sooner. The only bubble they are living in is the bio bubble that will make the dot com bubble look like a poney ride. I know you mean well but you are way off track and out of your league here. There is much more going on than meets the eye. I guess you'll just
        have to take my word for that. . Get the shares as quickly as you can and don't count your pennies, nickles, dimes or quaters saved by posting arguments here because the dollars gain days are just in front of you and if you are not locked in and buckled up, you will miss
        the ride of your life and perhaps the last opportunity in your lifetime to make that one big score. The pps is yours for the taking and even someone with a modest income could more than likely
        be a rich man by next year if all continues in the same direction. Good luck.

    • Anyone posting not blindly following the golden rainbow of " nowhere but up " or " no brainer " is instantly attacked . Their all afraid to admit that Biotech investing is DANGEROUS and that's why the payoff is so huge when it works. I was invested in Elan with Tysabri when I learned better than "can't lose " and no brainer " mentality . I'm long this stock but know that one letter from the FDA can bring it to it's knees.

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