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  • android_stocks android_stocks May 8, 2010 7:48 PM Flag

    Why are pumpers here trying to scam newbies?

    I mean, if you are talking about the stock rationally, I am fine with that. But I cannot stand pumpers and dumpers here are talking about the moon to pump and dump the stock onto unsuspecting newbies with WILD projection. $40... $100...

    KERX has already gone up like 20x from the low. That's 2000%!!!! For KERX to go to even $40 will mean another 10x... How often does one invest in a drug company that has gone up 200x??? Give me a break.

    Sick of dishonorable pump and dumpers here, really. Let it rest.

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    • No possible news could gap the open on monday to double digits. That is a pretty safe bet. Large institutions are not stupid. They will accumulate positions over days or weeks if they like the stock. You should too. time your purchases and targets carefully.

      Those that would have you think that 5 or 6 days over a $5 price automaticly brings in an institutional buying binge are fools. more nonsense...

      Each class or family of funds has it's own restrictions as outlined in the prospectus. Certain small or mid cap funds do use $5 as a cutoff point. Others have restrictions or standards on market cap, industry sector, etc.

      Over many years a seasoned shareholder will occasionally have the great fortune of purchasing a postion that goes up 100% or more on their first day or two of ownership.

      This is truely the exception... and not the rule.

      But as I have stated here before. Irrational exhuberance does more harm to shareholders than the bashers rants.

    • Some of us have owned ENMD, MEDX, ABGX, NERX etc. There are many thers and have seen runs to the 70s, hundreds, 200s,400s in one day, weeks and several months. None of these companies ever came close to what KERX is about to achieved when it happened and all were flooded with dillution. None has fast track. KERX has two. So, you see, you are not one of the people that participated in those rallies nor will you ever be. You are a pessimist and will get what you feel you desrve. I pity you.

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