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  • daytrade76125 daytrade76125 Jun 17, 2011 3:25 PM Flag

    Will there be a phase 3 runup like ONTY?

    I don't think KERX's fall has anything to do with the market. It has fallen much more than the market. Look at today. The stock is completely broken. What a mess I got myself into. Is this going to fall to 52 weeks lows here? It's dropping like a rock.

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    • Ok, I'm not even in this stock yet, just an interested spectator, but you need to hear this from somebody:

      You don't have nearly enough patience to be a successful investor. It seems to me like you were expecting to buy the stock, see it go up 40% in 2 months without ever dipping lower than your buy-in point, and sell. If it were that easy, everybody would be millionaires and billionaires. Stocks go up and down, it's almost impossible to call an exact bottom on a stock. If you don't have the patience to see out a downswing, then you shouldn't be trying to invest at all because you're going to drive yourself crazy and cost yourself money by selling way to early.

      And if you just want to day trade, you need to learn to accept losses as a part of life as day trading is ridiculously volatile and going to have many losing days for even the best traders. However, I wouldn't recommend day trading, either, as 95% of day traders lose money.

      In short, learn to invest, accept swings as part of the game (and, if possible, use dips as an opportunity to add more rather than bemoan how much you have lost), or get out of the market.

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      • I don't know where you're getting the 95% number, but day trading actually works very well for me. When I buy and sell stocks in the same day, I make money about 80% of the time. But when I hold stocks for many days or weeks, I usually lose money. KERX is an example here. I bought it at 4.78, and after I bought it I watched it move up to 4.90 that day. But I broke my rule and didn't take the small profit like I usually do. Because I held, look how far down I am now. Instead of a small profit, I'm at a big loss. I should have day traded KERX but I broke my rule of taking the quick profit. So now I'm stuck waiting.

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