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  • coolguydupe coolguydupe Apr 21, 2012 7:25 PM Flag

    Wolves in sheeps clothing

    leading the flock to the slaughter house. Man o man, its been a long time since I got backhanded like this. New buyers, beware of management. The new twist is Zerenex has this "possible" iron benefit, blah, blah, blah. I'm starting to think this is another scam. Too many pumpers with the same theme. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Ron and the hedgies are working together from an off shore account.

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    • Yep....Theo = wolf in sheeps clothing

    • Yeah, yeah docx30. You sound like a broken record just like you did saying the same thing as bridger48 also. Just how many aliases do you actually have because your personality blasts through, just like wearing short shorts to Sunday Mass during the middle of winter in Alaska?

      If any of the posters bother you so much, just put them on ignore. I think the real thing that bothers you is how much money you forfeited after kibate held out an olive branch and you rejected his kindness. In turn, you lied and cheated yourself to one failure after another. I have been watching the game and keeping score. He is better than you and it eats you up on the insides. I don't even think it is about money with you but instead about the incredibly large blow to your ego. Kick back, relax, pay the price to the show and start enjoying yourself.

      You're still young enough to turn your life around but you got to let this go. He is not only better than you at what he does but he is much more honest than yourself. Trust me, if you were better, my money would be in your corner. He runs circles around you while you try way too hard. You need so throw in the towel and pay up. You already have one leg in the coffin. If you do not let up, this ego of yours is going to put you in the looney bin if it doesn't give you a heart attack first. Btw, talk about calling kettle black; You have more aliases than anyone! I get paid to know these things. Despite what this society has been raised to believe, good still conquers evil, 9 times out of 10. I have watched you closely and you just don't have what it takes to beat those odds. You may think otherwise but you lack that killer instinct despite how corrupt you are. He would slaughter you in a street fight and that is exactly what we have here but only on Wall Street instead of Main Street.

    • I agree Dox. I see things very clearly now. Can't believe I lost so much on a scam. Don't get me wrong, I can accept a failure of a drug. Thats part of the risk with investing in any bio. I have trouble with the fact we were misled by a bunch of frauds. The sad thing is I had to sell for a loss, because my gut is telling me Zerenex is never going to recoup my losses.

    • No one is crazy like these guys walt and archie pretend. They're paid to post. This is very much smelling like a scam for a fund trying to exit.

    • Ya, whatever whack job. So tell me when did you guys know peri was a failure? Was it during the Phase II trial? I smell an investigation, and lawsuits coming.

    • coolguydupe, that was what I have been suspecting after reading all these very convincing posts about the stock heading to $50. There seem to be a group that write about the same theme. Also, these writers seem to know a lot about the company like the insiders. I agree with you that the CEO and some insiders are on this message board trying to pump up the price.

      • 1 Reply to itmisc2006
      • Let me respond to more of your ridiculous allegations in two parts.

        Part 1: Concerning your sleep loss over shareholders pumping their stock while the shorts remain unable to cover and worried about the mother of all short squeezes.,


        Part 2: concerning your allegations about insiders.

        Part 1:

        What you call pumping is statement of fact.

        KERX did a 75 bagger 2009. Since all their drugs were not even phase 3s at the time and short interest was considerably less, longs are assuming that if it happened once, it can happen again. Also, for your notes, the 75 bagger began with a series of insider buys , much like we have seen in the past couple of weeks, which apparently generated a genuine interest in the company and it's lead drug Zenerex ...which today is looking better than ever and nearing approval.

        Coincidentally, the message board guru, that brought the insider buys to the attention of many was Theo Rothchild and he did so long before the 75 bagger was squelched by short sellers over a series of several months and at $6.99. Those that listened to Theo then and held on until this day, are still well in the green. If you listened to Theo well before the Perifosine news recntly, you would not have foolishly sold short while longs accumualated at an excellent discount. Now the short sellers are stuck, hacing not listened to the warnings of Theo.

        So, how do you get off criticizing Longs for giving us an accurate recollection of the history of this company and the success of it's shareholders and our lead drug candidate, Zerenex? This recollection by Longs which you imply, as being suspect in nature, is simply the assumption by Longs that under similar conditions or better, history can repeat itself. This is pure analysis of the facts from a bullish point of view by a group of individuals who put their hard earned dollars to work and at stake based on their sincere belief that these prospects will continue to increase the value of their holdings in KERX and meet certain targets, For those shareholders that held since the first wave of insider buying under the Ron Bentsur regime and held from the early shouts out by the message board guru, Theo Rothchild, they remain with significant gains in their portfolios. I might add that they held through many swings! both up and down, and will continue to do so until they reach fair valuation which most percieve is in that $50 range. If we should experience another 75 bagger short squeeze or a 100 bagger during our stay then all the more better! That would more than double us up from the more reqlistic targets of $50. So, shareholders are examining the many possibilities based on real movements in the trade from previous years. We are very excited to examined some very real prospects based on past performance. That is exactly what the yahoo boards were intended for and originally stated such in the guidelines. If a shareholder does not get excited about real prospects based on real events, then he should have his head examined for investing in such an equity in the first place! Now, why are you here?

        Continue on to part 2,in my next message, to address your concerns about insiders.

    • The only wolves in sheep's clothing are yourself and the blogs. I can see Bentsur's very handsome salary posted rightnhere onnYahoo! and his large holdings in KERX. The comments you make are beyond ridiculous. He would have no reason to jeopardize a nearly half million dollar a year job plus options and also destroy the value of his shares in some bizzarre fairytale that you just thought up.

      How about you put up your salary, name, position in life and public holdings in the market so we can match the likelihood of you being the fraud as compared to the CEO.

      I nearly choked on my dinner in laughter at how somebody could be so stupid to think the CEO would jeopardize a $475,000.00 per year career in this elaborate scheme you worked up in your short, desperate, scared and stupid fantasy. Stop chugging the cough syrup, you've become delusional!

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