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  • mackgreene33 mackgreene33 Apr 26, 2012 1:33 AM Flag

    "What Motive would Theo have Pre-FDA"

    Hate to reply to myself again but,

    The people who set up shorts don't really mess up because the bad news is looming on a company that clearly cannot run a smooth drug development program. So with that in the back drop, its already kind of known whether or not delays or failure is imminent, its just that once the study begins it just has to finish, and during that time the company itself isn't going to let you think its a flop from the outset obviously, they'd rather see how it turns out even if they know its risky. But as for the person setting up the short, they have the safety net of knowing that this company is inherently going to run into trouble, so they can play their pump/short game week to week without being too scared about getting caught because they truly not only expect bad news but its really expected on a technical level.

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    • And by getting caught I meant caught in the stock and needing to cover at a loss....This won't happen for "Theo" who will short it after its next "pump" and then let the lull in activity drop it back down, then as the news is looming he'll have loaded up short toward the peak and the expected delay will occur to his profit.

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      • The recent news regarding big Z in Japan was positive & there are stage payments associated with its success from trial to marketing & sales. This generates revenue to Keryx. Even if you assume Earning is $0.50/share & assume the P/E = 12, then we look at pps = $6:00.

        I have been holding KERX for a number of years & did not sell when it was over $5.00 pps. Now, forget the none sense aspects of your message & forget personal attacks, just give me one good reason supported by evidence, why do say KERX is a "Strong Sell".... Anyone else would like to chip in forgeting about bashing, pumping & dumping....

        Whoever reads this message, my advice to you is.... Make your Own decision & don't be influenced by anyone on this board.... I don't trust any one....

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