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  • mackgreene33 mackgreene33 Apr 26, 2012 1:51 AM Flag

    "What Motive would Theo have Pre-FDA"

    And by getting caught I meant caught in the stock and needing to cover at a loss....This won't happen for "Theo" who will short it after its next "pump" and then let the lull in activity drop it back down, then as the news is looming he'll have loaded up short toward the peak and the expected delay will occur to his profit.

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    • The recent news regarding big Z in Japan was positive & there are stage payments associated with its success from trial to marketing & sales. This generates revenue to Keryx. Even if you assume Earning is $0.50/share & assume the P/E = 12, then we look at pps = $6:00.

      I have been holding KERX for a number of years & did not sell when it was over $5.00 pps. Now, forget the none sense aspects of your message & forget personal attacks, just give me one good reason supported by evidence, why do say KERX is a "Strong Sell".... Anyone else would like to chip in forgeting about bashing, pumping & dumping....

      Whoever reads this message, my advice to you is.... Make your Own decision & don't be influenced by anyone on this board.... I don't trust any one....

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      • Good message long investor.

        Sometimes the shorts get carried away with themselves and are not very bright. Anyone with even the slightest bit of common sense has to just stop and think why bashers would devote 24 hours per day and 7 days per week shouting insane comments, bashing a guy like Theo who is clearly a good natured fellow, think up a zillion reasons why they need to spend more time with us than their own wives so they can save us, etc., etc., etc, and then conclude that the shorts made a huge mistake shorting KERX and now realize it. They realize while there virtually no shares being offered up to allow them to cover their shorts by buying back shares.

        I know the majority of messages from the bashers here are just one or two shorts with hundreds of aliases talking back and forth to themselves. Their writing styles are extremely similar and so is their themes. However, they exemplify the larger group of shorts out there who are also stuck short, scared and very, very desperate to cover.

        SoI am happy the shorts are here bashing in that sense. They are attracting more buyers. Realize, the longer they remain at this, the much more people sitting on the fence will be watching and waiting for the first sign of a major short squeeze. When I say major, I mean several hundred percentages in one day followed every few days or week by another after pullbacks in between. I have seen it often.

        My problem with the short and scared bashers is that the few people they do manage to con are usually the elderly who have had KERX sitting in 401Ks since the days it was trading in the 20s. Now KERX is going to head for a full recovery and when these older retirees sit at home and look over their investments. They tend to get very frightened knowing that their 401ks are their lifeline. Some are not aware that KERX is now so close to becoming a fully functional Pharmaceutical Company paying a dividend and even possibly being bought out. If there is a buyout, the elderly could get the full benefit of their investment almost immediately after holding so many years. These people need KERX more than anyone.

        Many of these people no longer have all their mental facilities at the highest capacity or could be in a near state of dementia while in the 70s or 80s. These are the small handful of people that the scared and cowardly shorts end up hurting. Any other healthy person with a clear mind is laughing at how pathetic they sound and buying more shares. The desperate shorts should be ashamed of themselves for targeting the sick and the elderly.

      • Anytime a stock takes a large hit and sustains value loss such as KERX did it becomes a quick and easy "Pump and Dump" target. Too many people in shock after seeing the free fall. This puts an emotional charge (negative) into the stock and can make a lot of money for the pumpers in a short time frame. Ignore that and hold this stock, it will move up almost as fast "on good news and test results" as it fell. Recovery is coming for those that stay focused on the fundamentals.

        From my perspective, I have been watching this stock for a year hoping for an opportunity to "jump" in at the right price. I have made that jump and I am long.

      • I agree with longinvestor. Realistically, I have a high target of $5-6 on the stock. That will trigger my sell of 50%of my holdings. The balance ,I will hold for the outcome of the phase III trial.

        It would be great if Theo is correct about the 100 bagger.
        Don't bet your life savings on it,though because that is a long shot. Hold into the run expected towards the binary event. It's your hard earned money at stake. Don't get bluffed out of it.

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