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  • theorothchild Apr 26, 2012 11:54 PM Flag

    I wanted to take a moment to thanks the thousands of Short Bashers for their Obsession over ME!

    or the one idiot short basher with a thousand aliases.

    In any event or either, I am flattered by you schoolgirl crush on me.

    Don't fantasize too long over me and let your obssesion overrun you everyday existence. I've been out pleasuring your wives or wife while you've been drooling with your insatiable appetite for me. I will be available in the North lobby afterwards for autograph signings and your chance to sit on my lap for a your very own Theo Rothchild poloroid foto session...$5 per foto in which proceeds shall promptly be donated to your favorite nonprofit kidney disease and cancer charity.

    PS: I AM EVERYONE ON THIS BOARD...yes....that includes you also. You nailed me!

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    • PLEASE not today

      Theo PLEASE STOP pouting and get back to work, we REALLY need your PUMPING today!

    • Sorry, I accidentally replied to the wrong portion of the thread, here it is again:

      In addition after re-reading your latest post on this thread,

      I'd like to add that you are merely trying to use confusing rhetoric as usual.

      All you were ever capable of doing in the first place is creating buzz words, imaginary concepts, and talking about some eternal war against the shorts. Oh by the way, the extent of thought you put into your posts is glaringly obvious, theres very little thought but a heck of a lot of rhetoric and ranting. This is atypical for someone who claims to know what they're talking about.

      The fact that you seem to feel the need to regain control over your legacy is questionable in itself. You have tried to discredit me with your last post by claiming that I am you. Why do you want this confusion? Why do you want your power back? If the movement of the stock is based on real data and news, technical analysis, and things we can see and touch, then why do you need to make a power struggle here? The fact that you're willing to spar with me is in effect a revelation of your purpose here.

    • The reason being: Someone born over 70 years ago cannot possibly choose the words of your posting nor feel motivated to make such a post. You must truly be the teenage troll born from a video game community that I expected. Any elder would never have cracked like this, especially someone who is supposedly so wise. Are you forgetting that you're supposed to be role-playing a wise elder?

      My estimate is that you are not college educated and you began posting on forums as early as 10 years old. You may currently be under 20 years old based on the concepts that you draw upon to make your "points."

    • For you to have made this post drastically decreases your credibility. We might have imagined a very distant and remote possibility that you were a respectable person in society. Now we know you're the teenager I suspected.

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      • theorothchild Apr 27, 2012 12:15 AM Flag

        Well, I guess that would matter if I really gave a flying F,%&@ what you think!

        Wait a second, I am you, so I guess I care. I am everyone on this board so, wait, then it doesn't matter. Man I need to stop talkiing to myself. Hang on, maybe I will take out my maestro id or momemtum idea and respond to us, I mean me. Oh boy, this is too confusing. Would you take over for us and keep posting the stupid things I want to say and I will come back another day as Theo and post the intelligent things, Ok?
        Ok, that sounds gound.

        phew, I am glad we, I mean I got that staightend out between us, I mean me. boy, oh boy, why did you have to tell everyone that I was everyone. I mean why did I have to tell everyone...woooooo...this is way too much work for you, wait, I mean me...wooooo wait, I really do have an idea, since you are my stupid personality why don't you just shut up from here on in? How does that sound. It sounds good to me, I mean us, I mean me, I mean...enough already!

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