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  • mackgreene33 mackgreene33 May 9, 2012 10:26 AM Flag

    Red flags in voices of CC call


    The CEO is nervous, as is the speaker before him, but they are not apparently nervous about speaking, they are nervous about speaking on certain topics. Beware this stock, it's going to have a run-up and a delay in its trial for safety. They are acting like safety doesn't need to be addressed, that's because the study will not be designed properly to address it and will fail at addressing it, thus leading to a delay. But the week before that, the CEO is expecting some "upside" for him to sell into. Thats about it.

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    • china_man_frorn_hongkong china_man_frorn_hongkong May 9, 2012 10:50 AM Flag

      Hey mack, I like your ambition. After wasting entire weekends and weeks here accomplishing nothing other than driving the volume and pps to a point where shorts will never be able to cover, you are back with that same school spirit that got the shorts in this mess! Good for you! You got what you wished for but still can' t cover while unable to grasp the reality of things. That reality is that you can either cover at a small loss now which will gradually move KERX back over $5 or you can continue what you have been doing that has reduced the available people to cover off of and begin covering on the first bid for a buyout while continuing off the second bid which will be much higher and off the pps from the first squeeze. It seems the CEO set a bear trap and you went for it, hook, line and sinker. Sooner or later, reality will set in and the longer you wait to cover, the more painful that reality will be. It is the bed that you made for yourself and now you must sleep in it. At least if you begin covering now, you may continue to find some newbies along the way and short them like you were doing so you can cover quickly off those positions for a quick profit and to minimize your losses.

      We know all your tricks and they all require volune to work which you forfeited the day you painted the tape under first under $5 and then under $2. These are both threshholds that need to be broken on the upside to bring back the volume. So have fun bashing your brains out to yourself because until you paint the tape substantially above two the same way you did below, ain' t nobody coming to your lil party! Goid luck!

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      • Great post china man. It spells out the situation for the shorts perfectly. Without volume and price appreciatin, the shorts have sealed a fate worse than death,going into a buyout with no way out beforehand. That fate is worse than death because it will be torture to themselves. It should prove very interesting once it ll begins. Sit tight, relax and buckle up. It will be quiet for awhile but when the news strikes, we will move like a bat out of hell. If two bids come in, the shorts will literally be begging for mercy.

      • The CC was strong an Bentsur did a great job. No hesitation and very confident.

        Did explain about Perifosine MM why they release the rights. Had a hard time for enrollment and design of the trial!!

        Talk going on with partnership in Europe right now!

    • Red Flag..??? Really... I'll tell you who should be nervous... is anyone still short on this stock... !!!

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      • I'm long on KERX and down $17000 based on the peri disaster.It was all positive until April 2. Bentsur displayed the same nervousness on a couple of the peri conference calls and you see where that led.

        I can give a crap who pumps or bashes on these boards, but after three years of holding and making a few trades to buy back in, I'm simply looking to break even in the coming months by averaging down and waiting for a PPS rise.

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