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  • sbenni1 sbenni1 May 17, 2012 2:47 PM Flag

    An SEC Investigation is warranted

    It's funny how all those PRs came out over a 3-day period pumping KERX. Maybe the company paid them to do so. Maybe it didn't, maybe they all loaded up before the pump and dumping everything on the retail investors, banking 30-40% in 3 days while leaving the small retailers with empty bags and high hopes. The longs are also funny because they wouldn't stop talking about $5, $15 and some idiot was even saying $75. How about $1 by next week genius.

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    • It's funny how seeking alpha, specifically VFC came out the week before the pump and said to stay away from KERX and how it was very risky and he wouldn't touch it with a 50-foot pole, only to come out the following week pumping it and stating he was getting ready to open a position. These are the criminals, the analysts and the bloggers who should be prosecuted. Buying low, pumping, selling high, and leaving the retail investors with a 40% loss over 3 days. Millions of shares were bought at 2.25, only to see that money become half in the next two weeks. The longs also jump on the wagon and start singing with them: $5, $15, $25, squeeze this squeeze that, short this short that, 2009 squeeze, blah blah blah. Dr whatever his name is, God I guess to the longs, bought $10M at $5, worth $4M today, we should all follow suit. If he was so great, his investment would be worth $100M, not $4M.

      KERX is a strong sell today and a Strong buy at $1. Strong sell again at $2. 100% profits a few times is a lot better than riding the elevator up and down 10 times. Waster of money, time, and patience.

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      • So it's a pump in your world to write articles concerning a partners positive phase III results, this same partner will owe you an additional $72 million upon approval plus royalties on sales. This was not a baseless pump, but more concerning total manipulation. When the MM's were ready to take her down they went crazy short and allowed the retail traders to assist in the volume selling. Keryx is a speculative long term play that appears to be on the correct path to Zerenex approval, as there have been two completed positive phase III's and the long term safety study is set to end in October. So I am not sure what facts you are basing your 'no news for 230 days' statement from because there will be significant news within 4-5 months. I guess you could be referring to FDA news in 230 days but we will already know the outcome by that time. I believe that we will continue to see the manipulation from the MM's until the results from Z long term phase III are closer. Good luck on your trades

    • Lets blame it all on Bernie LOL

    • SEC is still after Bernie Madoff. Can they catch this if Bernie fooled them for 20 years. LOL

    • Actually one idiot was saying $500..

      The articles merely accelerate current trends. If the stock is ready for a pump, the articles will be pumps, if its ready for a dump...they'll write some bash articles. It's all based on market conditions and the time of the last KERX news release and knowing that there will or will not be any news soon, therefore the lull in activity is perfect for pumpers/bashers to take action. Pump/Bash articles can cause 30-50 cent swells meanwhile a fluff news article is lurking in the future to add even greater reliability to the process of playing KERX both ways.

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      • Are you for real? Do you really believe that this message board influences the stock price. Only fools take this stuff seriously. This is just like professional wrestling. It is pure entertainment. Theo the Swami, pumps, dumps, shorts, market makers, stock manipulation, Securities Exchange Commission, insider trading. Give me a break. Nobody with a brain takes this crap seriously.

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