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  • goldmartnyc goldmartnyc Jun 3, 2012 10:35 PM Flag

    coolguydupe has stated publicly libeled KERX, TIME TO TAKE ACTION!

    coolguydupe has stated publicly libeled KERX, TIME TO TAKE ACTION!

    In defaming KERX by falsely saying that the "company is a scam"... adding jmho, does not protect him after implying the false allegations as fact which is a defamation of KERX and each and every shareholder.

    For any serious shareholder, this is a serious allegation. Certainly, it is not true and if it were, he would need evidence of such otherwise this is a clear cut case of libel and KERX, with it's shareholders are entitled to a monetary award from the courts. Please, demand from KERX that they take the allegations seriously and also ask for them to request that the SEC and other regulating agencies investigate whether or not this same individual was in any way connected with the illegal trades that occurred on the morning of May 15 th in premarket and thereafter. Send complaints to the following email address and put it to the attention of CEO Ron Bentsur and KERX Legal Department. Include a copy of the allegations by this poster. His statement published as a matter of fact needs investigation. This is not the first time this poster has libeled the company and it's shareholders. Include a copy of the complaint to the SEC as well.

    Here is his link to the allegations:

    Send complaints here:

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    • Ahhhh hahaha, thanks for the laugh retard. Better get some more meth so you don't fall asleep doper.

    • Nobody care what you want. Libel is a serious offense and all legal costs will be paid back by the defebent when found guilty.

    • Hey clowns, keep it up. Maybe the newbies here need to be educated on how investors were misled during the peri trials. You guys are pathetic.......

    • I hope all longs submitted their complaints and also included mackgreene who just libeled the companyalong with stevehastings spreading false and negative rumors. No doubt they are one in the same and responsible for the illegal trades as well. The more compalints, the swifter the action will be.

    • premarket trades ha e been submitted to authorities for identification of all parties involved. Collusion in the markets is a serious crime and I would suggest all others reading file your complaints to bot the sec address listed in the message I am responded to but also to the Justice Department and Treasury Dept. These trades are criminal in nature and punishable with prison time. No doubt that this character going as coolguy, stevehastings, frank483, maestro reste something or other, are all the same person involved in these trades and connected to the group paying off blog writers. They may also be connected to big pharma who is about to Buyout KERX in the opinion of most investors.

    • While we're at it

      Report TheoRothchild's chain of posts as well

    • This company is a scam and that's a fact. They don't try hard enough to be considered legit.

    • Done deal. It only took less than ten minutes of my time. I think every long lurking should do the same. It is well worth the effort when you consider how much time some of you waste here accomplishing nothing. It can never hurt having a bit extra cash in the bank courtesy of this coolguydupe. He will also have to pay back legal costs which may amount to more than the penalties themselves and would serve as a useful reminder to other shorts who get so desperate that they consider lies and libel instead of covering their shorts and accepting responsibility for their insanely foolish attempts to take down a top drug maker in the making.

      Just The Opinion Of...

      An Old Wise Pharma

    • I have marked it in my planner for the first thing to do. I hope the other shareholders join me.

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      • theorothchild Jun 3, 2012 10:53 PM Flag

        You can count on me. This idiot has said his fair share of baloney about me also. It is time for some payback. Chances are, he is just as foolish about covering his tracks as his is making statements that will cost him some money. I doubt they were very smart in covering their tracks from those illegal trades on May 15th as well. This guy also sounds very desperate now and when imbeciles get desperate, they also get wreckless. Tonight is a perfect example of this. Watch for any hanky panky in the trades early tomorrow and if anything looks funny, include the details in the complaints.

    • It is about time you guys got off your butts. The illegal trade and libel by one guy with a hundred aliases has gone on long enough. They will be able to nab this fool in a matter of minutes.Does anyone doubt coolguydupe is stevehastings or any other than hundreds of other aliases. He is so obvious it is laughable. He also seems to have way too much time on his hands, bashing 24/7.

      Oh, and if he is my favorite dope, hawaiian, I take great pleasure in seeing him come to court from his dumpster!

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