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  • mackgreene33 mackgreene33 Jun 4, 2012 6:30 AM Flag

    Proof Theo is from the UK and a teen

    This post says it all, by TheoRothchild found in The Truth about Theo/KERX. His post sounds like a joke because he doesn't know much but a few stereotypes about American culture to spout off for laughs. Also the way he types indicates a teenager..Too much angst.

    "You want truths? I was at Woodstock. Not only could we teach your generation a thing or two about how to party but we changed the world! We stopped the war! What are you kids doing today with daddy's credit card and his Mac Pc? You don't have a care in the world and even an allowance to play the stock market at 15.

    Go have some cybersex kid. We were at Woodstock making free love in the rain and the mud and you kids are monkeying around your computers to some he-she on the other end while having cybersex. Face it, my generation runs circles around yours.

    Now respect your elders and turn off your daddy's PC. Go take his Lexus out and crash it up drag racing with the other imbeciles in your class. "

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