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  • bioswatch bioswatch Oct 23, 2012 10:20 PM Flag

    This board is not worth a damn when the flip flippers flop out to begin naysaying...#$%$ing

    Seems like they are now bitter they did not get in on the ground floor. For awhile, when the board was nice and quiet like most boards that are free of manipulation, I thought there was hope. Oh well. Of course my message here is to the majority of lurkers who know the the majority of posters in this thread humoring zing and his undervaluation are totally full of #$%$. They foolishly underestimate the lurkers and think they can sell you the Brooklyn bridge. How foolish they are as the only people zing and company are fooling are themselves.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Funny, you never addressed my last comment....You speak in this thread of, "...when the board was nice and quiet like most boards...". You have only been posting on this board for a month or 2 coincidentally along with "the czar" (ya right)..that makes you the expert? That gives you the wherewithall to speak of the good ol' days? Before you spout off again about what you and " the pseudo-czar" do not know (I stand least you can spell the company name), do some DD (that does not stand for "the two of you" being Dumb and Dumber). I think you should just take another pill and stop smoking the funny stuff to address your bipolar tendencies, sit, relax, and watch the blinken lights because your rhetoric is uninformed and numbing. As I have said before, if you wish to engage my predictions than do so in an intelligent manner...but then again that is one of those words that is neither in your vocabulary nor in your character.


    • What sort of jibber jabber is this?

      Sorcery no doubt.

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