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  • mackgreene33 mackgreene33 Oct 25, 2012 5:31 AM Flag

    Beware magical jibber-jabber

    There are many posters using words that have 2-3 meanings, combined into sentences that have 2-3 meanings, but these messages also have no legal no meaning at all (by design). These messages are intended to paralyze you with fear. Studies have been done that show how fear paralysis can block decision making, leading to waiting, in times of information overload or when accepting information that is inherently ambiguous.

    The goal is to paralyze you while you're holding shares to continue the accumulation until Yes or No time. When Yes or No time happens, you will still think the answer is going to be Yes, regardless of what circumstances are present, because this is a puny smallcap and they are not going to give up early, they are going to go the distance, even if their study is a bunch of fluff and flops in the end, at least they tried.

    This is a small company, run much differently from any big pharm where there is a corporate professional environment regarding research and development. With a puny company, we have actors and wannabes of corporate professionals (minus the corporate part, and minus the professional part)

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    • Fact is, decision can go either way, but company has shown reckless procedure with Perifosine which is well documented if you look hard enough. It is known that they moved on with their Perifosine Phase II study directly to Phase III without a Phase II-B Study, ultimately proceeding without a sense of caution and responsibility, and moreso proceeding with a sense of "lets go for it." Not good. Check it out, dont just read my words.

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      • There was intentionally suppressed negative and questioning sentiments about Perifosine's Phase II results. Any big pharm would have ran a Phase II-B, but then again, their investors are a lot smarter than the investors in a small cap like KERX. This stock is very appealing to the small retail investor as a vehicle for gambling in a biotech but truth be told, this is not at all what you think of when you think biotech company. We're talking about something puny and reckless here, a small fish in a big pond.

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