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  • johnnykapusta johnnykapusta Dec 26, 2012 9:09 AM Flag

    lori...mack......all a bunch of idiots!

    You pumpers and dumpers don't know squat. Zerenex has a good chance of being approved and helping a lot of people. We'll see if it counters the iron loss and if it does that also, there will be a nice jump in the pps. As for buyouts, who knows.

    Zerenex will be what it will be. I have been long for 2 years. It's been a roller coaster ride but I have decided the next move is up. We all have to decide that and NO ONE on this board is more qualified to decide what to do than each one of us with our own money. Good luck to all longs. Frankly, I hate people who short a stock of a company trying to develop a product that, if successful, will help people but it's a free country. No reason to vilify either camp though, really. Let's hope the longs are right this time......... for many reasons.

    Go Keryx! Go Zerenex!

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    • You seem like you are right up there with the rest of them. The iron supplement is icing on the cake. It always was and always has been. Pharma czar and haltkaldt are straight shooters and those who have listened carefully to them for the last four years, not only made a lot of money but now own shares bought and paid for with their profits. I love it when you popped up here all of a sudden to re-write history with zing and ivan. Lets call a spade a spade. FDA approval of Zerenex is the issue and always has been. Like I said and they said, the iron benefit has always just been icing on the cake and since the odds of the benefit are slim or 50/50 at best, it is not hard to see where you day traders are going with this. If the data presented shows tis drug is moving forward to FDA approval, I will be loading up with more shares beyond what my profits have paid for while you dump your shares after your pump, change aliases to bash and compete with me for more shares. You guys are very transparent.

      I for one hope Zerenex beats the odds and the iron bebnefit really is proven but it s still a long shot. I just hope it does to really put a snag in your day trading games. Let me stress, you are not fooling anyone just as you fooled nobody pumping the Perifosine approval to dump just before the release and while some of you even went short. Longs spotted your game then and called you on it while buying more shares on the pullback. It was a smart move and if you want to play te same game again, we are ready for you. You have been warned. Grow up and try using a litte honesty for once in your life! Do you think your little message actually makes you a nickel more? Longs have been wise to your group for a long time. So big deal, you hire a biology grad that never made it to med school to advise you on the odds which most averaged intelligent investors can gather on their own. Then you think you are one step ahead of very one else by using those odds to play your pump and dump games. It just would not feel right for you to make an honest investment not thinking you had the edge over everyone else. Here is the sad but true news for you, you don't have the edge. We know, like you know the odds of an iron benefit are slim but we are just betting differently than you. We are betting that the success of Zerenex is the same home run we have been waiting for the last four years. That's it and no matter how you re-write history, it remains the same for real longs. The iron benefit is and will be he difference between a home run and a grand slam. This is something the day traders and short hedge funds remain very uncomfortable with. Guess whatever joke man, learn to live with it because you are not going to get back any shares you dump going into news. Laterrrrrrrrrrr.

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      • construction_supervisor1969 construction_supervisor1969 Dec 26, 2012 10:44 AM Flag

        I am happy to see the longs are sticking together even as the bears attack right up until the last minute. I want to thank you barry and pharma czar plus haltkaldt. I thought it was wierd that all these known day trading pigs were all of a sudden sounding like bulls. But now I understand how they are trying to set up good news as a disappointment. I should have known better since that is their usual MO. LOL, they are very sneaky. I would not have fallen for it when push comes to shove. We already have the champagne ready to be put on ice for data, nda, approval and the buyout....i guess we need to just add iron supplement to the list of possible celebratory events. The buyout is really the only one that matters when all is said and done. So I am not sure why they are going to play this angle. If approval looks good then also so does the buyout. At the end of it all, the iron supplement could mean the differenece between getting 25 bucks over 15 bucks in a big pharma buyout.

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      • What the hell are you babbling about!!!! I'm sure I'm holding more shares than you, #$%$ and I;m not dumping...I';m praying for success. Some of you people on here are rally a bunch of aholes. Unreal!

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